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I’m 23 And Now Going To College Parties Is Weird

I’m 23 And Now Going To College Parties Is Weird

This is an honest and truthful decription of why being 23 and going to college parties is definitely weird now. Being out of college is hard to party there!

A few months back, I turned 23 years old and turning 23 really didn’t change anything for me. I had graduated college a few months prior, I really didn’t feel any different, I still had the same job as I did when I was 22. Turning 23 did change one thing, I suppose, and that’s that going to college parties now feels a little strange to me. Maybe it’s just me, but here’s why I feel a little weird now when I attend college parties. When do you think you should stop going to college parties?

1. Thinking about the age gap

Being 23 means that any college freshman is a full five years younger than you. In other words, these little babies weren’t even in high school when you were just entering college. It’s weird to think about and it makes it even weirder when you are both drinking alcohol at the same party. Even now they are 18 (which is still under the drinking age, but it’s college and people drink here), but think about when you were a freshman and they would’ve been 13. You are drinking at a party where someone was 13 when you were 18. It’s a lil weird (and no that’s the name of some soundcloud rapper).

When do you think you should stop going to college parties?

2. I sort of prefer the bar scene now anyways

Once I turned 21 and was granted access to all the bars my heart desires, I started to prefer that scene more. Sure, every time I go out it costs me way more money than if I were to go to a party, but I don’t know I just like that environment more. All my friends are typically my age or older and our hang out by default is just going out to a bar. I think that’s just what adults do for fun? If you are about to turn 21 and don’t think that you’ll like going to bars, then I’m sorry because that’s probably what your friends are going to want to do.

3. I’m not in college anymore

What’s the cut-off for going to college parties? 25? 27? It’s fluid, but I feel like people are never told they are too old to be going to college parties, but have enough common sense to feel when they are too old. With me still being fresh out of college, I don’t think it’s weird yet for me to be still going to college parties. Each time I attend one, though, I feel the end of that era crawling closer like the grace period for my student loans.

When do you think you should stop going to college parties?

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4. People still throw parties after college

One thing that I think people in college will be happy to hear is that people don’t stop having parties once they graduate college. The parties may be a little tamer, but believe me, people still get sloshy and the vibe generally feels the same. So with me having friends that are mostly out of college, I still have parties to attend. I prefer these parties because you find your tolerance for 18 year olds who can’t handle their booze and become overly obnoxious vastly decreases as you get older.

5. I need to embrace the part of my life I am at

Each stage of your life requires you to fully embrace that stage in order to be most successful. If you spend too much time thinking about the past, or the future, you can find yourself lagging in where you are currently. Ok shitty tumblr advice aside, I am no longer in college and I am entering my first glimpse into “true adult life.” I don’t want to think about how I wish I was still in college (it helps that I don’t wish that) and how I am getting closer and closer to 30 each passing year. I am just going to try to focus on the things that are important now which will hopefully make me happy and fulfilled.

When do you think you should stop going to college parties?

When do you think you should stop going to college parties? Are you out of college and still go to the parties? Let us know in the comments!

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