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5 Going Away To College Gifts For Friends

5 Going Away To College Gifts For Friends

Are your best friends heading to college? Well, show them you care by sending them some of these going away to college gifts!

Whether your best friends are going to college across the country from you, or maybe somewhere two hours away, saying goodbye is never easy. It’s getting close to August, and some of your friends may already be getting ready to go their separate ways. When your friends are leaving to college, materialistic gifts just won’t do. Small gifts that can be easily shown off in a dorm room and evoke amazing memories are the way to go. Here are 5 going away to college gifts for your friends to keep a part of you with them.

1. Mason Jar of Memories/Inside Jokes

For this gift, all you need is a mason jar and some construction paper. On small pieces of paper, you can write down memories starting with “Remember the time we…” or inside jokes that only the two of you understand. This is a super simple gift that is perfect for friends leaving to college as it will not only look cute in their dorm room, but they can pull out a note whenever they may feel homesick and be reminded of you. This is one of the cutest going away to college gifts.

2. A Letter With Your New Address

My friends and I made an agreement our senior year to not only keep in touch through texting, calling, and social media, but also through letters. If you are hoping to do this as well, the perfect way to start it out is to give a letter as a going away gift. You can talk about memories and wishes in this letter, and include your new address of your dorm so they can return the favor once they get to college.


3. Decorated Picture Frame

This is a going away gift that’ll last. Decorate a picture frame with your names, what states you’ll both be living in, or maybe a shared favorite song lyric and add a picture of the two of you for a personal and thoughtful gift. This is perfect for friends going to college as they can hang it up in their new room or set it on their desk to always be reminded of you.  This is one of the best going away to college gifts.

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4. Care Package of Their Favorite Things

Get your friends ready for that college life by starting them out with a care package of their favorite things. You can put their favorite snacks and candies in them, as well some necessities to start them off. This gift is good to pair with another such as a letter or a picture frame as it’s both personal and practical. This is one of the going away to college gifts they’re bound to appreciate.


5. 4×6 Photo Album

If you are looking to do something along the lines of a photo album, go with a 4×6 album. While a larger photo album can be bulky and take up room in a dorm room, a 4×6 album is perfectly compact and goes great on a bedside table to look at from time to time. Fill the album with great memories and feel free to decorate the pages with stickers.

Which “Going Away To College Gifts” will you gift this year? Let us know in the comments!
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