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Godly Hangover Remedies You Need In Your Life

Godly Hangover Remedies You Need In Your Life

Ah yes, hangovers: probably the very worst part about every night out is the hangover that inevitably follows. In fact, the primary reason people don’t feel like going out sometimes is because of the hangover that they anticipate the next morning. Just thought of tomorrow morning causes you a headache.

Fortunately, though, this hangover we are all suspecting doesn’t actually have to. Really, we don’t have to spend our days weighing when to be hungover and when to be ok. There are actually manageable, effective ways to prevent it and here are some. 

First, and Probably the Toughest, Sweat It Out

It might seem unreasonable to expect yourself to get up and work after a hectic night out, but it’s actually a major key in curing your hangover. If you can manage to wake up, get out of bed, get jogging, and sweat off the alcohol in your system, you will end up thanking yourself for it. The workout doesn’t even have to be intense; it just has to be enough that you’re getting rid of those toxins in your body that are slowing your day down. And OK, if working out really is an unreasonable goal for your hungover self to commit to– and you also happen to have access to a sauna– use it. 


Don’t worry, if neither of these work for you, there’s more to come. Most of us don’t have saunas or motivation laying around. 

Another Possibility: Smoke Weed

In a time when more and more states are legalizing marijuana, more and more hungover people have the opportunity to self-medicate. Just like working out, it doesn’t take much when it comes to smoking weed either. Just one hit of that legalized pot can relax your body and drown that terrible headache out, making your hangover disappear. 


More Conventionally (and Probably Healthier), You Can Also Drink a Smoothie or a Drink Such as Pedialyte

A refreshing Strawberries Wild from Jamba Juice can help with whatever hangover symptoms you’re having and so can that Pedialyte because they are both a good source of vitamins, making all that icky stuff flush out and rejuvenating you. Though, don’t forget to hydrate with water too because a specific smoothie or food usually doesn’t do the trick completely. The main way to recuperate from a hangover is with water, water, and water. 

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Weirdly Enough, It’s Also Been Recently Recommended That You Buy Blowfish Pills

Yes, you read that correctly: blowfish pills. It is new, FDA approved medicine that alleviates your hangover after only fifteen to thirty minutes of taking the tablet. This hangover remedy is a great investment, sold at only eleven dollars for a whole pack at almost any pharmacy; basically, the way you can see it is that you pay eleven dollars for many days of your life substantially improved.

Your only job in all of this getting better is to get yourself out of bed and take a miracle pill. Just like that, your day is completely changed. You have the energy to accomplish anything you wanted to that day, and it’s all because that pesky hangover is gone. 


If you ask any young adult, they’ll say it is unfair that a fun night out compromises a fun next day, but with these hangover remedies, you can have both! Hangovers don’t have to come for granted, regardless of how late you’re out. Life is too short not to take tequila shots, and it’s also too short to spend a full day in bed. So, if you know what’s good for you take that shot and get that bread in the morning. Now, thankfully you know how to!

Which way do you like to cure your hangovers? Lets us know in the comments! 

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