20 Signs You Go To The University of Maryland

College Park is a magical land of its own, and at the end of the day, we’re happy to be a part of the legacy. With an increasingly large population of about 35,000 students, there are definitely a few things we can all agree with. Read on for 20 signs you go to University of Maryland.

1. Jumping in the fountain is a rite of passage.

Bonus points if you go after 12 a.m.

2. You’ve been on a bus after 11 p.m. that turned into a party.

Shuttles come fully equipped with bus drivers playing music and/or student passengers singing acapella renditions of songs from all generations

3. Stamp is where everyone goes to be seen.

You decided to try today? Head over to Stamp and let everyone know.

4. You’ve probably never been to Pizza Kingdom sober.

That jumbo slice at 3 a.m. is crucial.

5. You’ve gotten to a basketball game 2 hours early just to get the t-shirt.

Being under the flag is also very important.

6. You’re definitely breaking out that ENO on McKeldin if the weather is nice.

A portable hammock? Sign me up.

7. You’ve been to a party at the Varsity and been utterly disappointed.

The same goes for most of the apartment parties in the area, unfortunately.

8. You hate the fact that another pizza place just opened.

There’s LOTSA pizza places within a 0.5 mile radius, and we simply don’t need them all! Enough is enough!

9. You have a love/hate relationship with warm weather on campus.

Although the quad is poppin’ in 70 degrees, you’ll definitely be drip sweating by the time you get to class.

10. You’ve given Testudo an offering including but not limited to stop signs, traffic cones, TVs, toilets, and full bottles of alcohol.

And if you don’t contribute to the pile, you’re definitely entertained by the offerings.

11. You can always count on construction but not the Wi-Fi.

How does the Wi-Fi always cut out when the show is getting good but never when I’m doing my homework? I’m calling the police.
12. You’re upset that the dairy is no longer available in the diner so now you have to use real money.

A tragedy, but the milkshakes are worth it.

13. Our campus squirrels are just as FEARLESS as our students.

Seriously, what are they eating?

14. Jaywalking on Knox Rd is a part of life.

Truly all of CP is a hub for jaywalkers everywhere.

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15. You probably have at least one friend here who is not culturally American.

And if not, get out of your bubble! There’s so much to learn!

16. UMD Alerts text you more often than any of your friends.

If you know, then you know.

17. You don’t think twice about skipping the first and second floors of McKeldin because you know you’d never get any work done if you stayed there.

It’s a Sunday night? Head over to Club McKeldin. Free before 11.

18. All of your dining dollars go to Chick-Fil-A and chasers.

Again, the milkshakes are worth it.

19. You’ve met some of the best people in the Cornerstone bathroom.

You know you’ll never see them again, but they were definitely your best friend for that 10 minute period of time.

20. The High-Five Guy outside of the diner never fails to brighten your day.

He is pure. His mission is pure. Nothing left to do but enjoy it.

Through all the ups, downs, ins, and outs of this place, our experiences here are unmatched.

What are some other signs you go to University of Maryland? Let us know down below!
Featured image source: University of Maryland

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