Go To Dance Moves For Bad Dancers

Dancing is not something for everyone, myself included. I love it though. It is so much fun for me to go out with my friends on the weekend and dance with them, or dance in the comfort of my apartment with my roommates. Dancing is also usually at weddings, parties, or other large social gathering events. It’s always optional to dance at those events, but if you’re like me and you enjoy dancing but aren’t “good” at it, I’ve got some go to dance moves you can hold in the back of your pocket the next time you’re out.


This dance move goes with every song out there. A slow jam, a pop song, a groovy one – it goes with them all. You’ve probably done this move without even knowing it too because to me it feels natural to do and is easy to do.

To do this dance, step one foot to the side, and bring the other foot to meet it; repeat in the opposite direction. Step side-to-side with the beat of the music, and add any arm movements that feels natural once you feel like you have the feet movements down.


Go To Dance Moves For Bad Dancers

Four Corners

This dance move is a classic I think. The four corners the dance move name is talking about, is where your feet are going to go. Four corners on the ground like a box. You can execute it with a small amount of room, or use it on an empty dance floor and look like you know what you’re doing, as long as you go with the beat of the song.

To do this dance move, step your right foot forward on a diagonal and push your right hip out with it. Then, leading with your right hip, step your right foot diagonally back. Repeat with your left foot and hp, and continue hitting all four corners in succession. It doesn’t have to be precises, as long as you’re moving your hips in a squarish motion.


Body Roll

This is one of those dance moves that takes a bit of body control and muscle connection. I definitely suggest practicing in a mirror before you try it out on the dance floor, because it takes practice to do. The first time I tried it, it didn’t even look like I was moving. That’s the only reason I suggest you practice first, because I looked like a fool and don’t want you to!

To do this move, imagine you’re smoothly sliding through a hula hoop, starting with your chest and moving down your torso and hips.

Look up videos on how body roll, because I think this is a move that you should look at how people do it, and the imitate it in a mirror. To me, this requires lots of control of your abs, chest, back, and hips. Once you get this down though, you’re going to look amazing on the dance floor and have a great time.


Figure 8 Hip Sway

This one is great if you want to look sexy on the dance floor and have a good time. I like doing this when a song that sounds more groovy or sensual comes on because this move is hard to do when a pop song or fast song comes on, in my opinion.

To do this dance move, have your feet hip width apart or right next to each other; the outside of your hip bones will make the loops of the figure eight, and make each hip bone go in a circle at alternating times; start with your right hip making a circle and then flow into the left hip making a circle right after that.

Follow the rhythm of the music and you can even add some arm movements into it to spice it up and get your whole body moving. I like this move because you can do it in a circle of friends, or do it in the middle of the dance floor and no one’s going to make a scene of it. You also do not need much space to pull this move off, which is something I love about it.


Go To Dance Moves For Bad Dancers

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Head Nod

I think this is definitely a dance move, although some would debate otherwise because you are initially just nodding your head to the beat of the music. Joining in to the dance, but not committing fully or going all out and using your whole body. But you can if you want to add more or start loosening up!


To do this dance, listen to the music and find a beat you like and simply nod your head up and down, front to back, or side to side.

I like to do that initially if the dance floor is empty but I’m with some friends. It’s always nerve wracking to be the first person to hit the empty dance floor, but this is my way of signaling to my friends (besides straight up saying, “Hey, let’s go dance,”) I want to dance, but it’s empty and awkward, so let’s just get a feel for the rhythm and beat of the music and slowly get into it. This is also my go to for when I’m not in a dancing mood but don’t want to go home. Easy to pull off, I look engaged (because I am) and doesn’t draw attention to yourself. This is one of those dance moves I like to do because of how simple it is.


This is a classic. I think lots of people know it, only because I’ve done it in a lot of fitness classes I take at my University’s recreation center, but I’m not sure. This is one of those dance moves that requires a lot of space, so make sure you have room before you try breaking it out. I think it would be great to do at a wedding or an event where the dance floor has lots of space, but not so great at the club or in a compact and small dance floor.


To do it, step to the right with your right foot; step your left foot in back of your right foot; step your right foot to the side, and bring your left foot to meet it. Repeat side to side. You can also look up videos of the dance if the explanation wasn’t enough. I hope you have fun with it and add your own flare with your hands or facial expressions!

Go To Dance Moves For Bad Dancers

Dancing is fun, a great way to get moving, and can be done anywhere as long as you’ve got good music playing. Hopefully you’re around people who won’t judge you or make you feel self-conscious of your moves, because that’s lame and dancing is supposed to be fun. Let us know if you tried any of these moves and how it went for you in the comments below! Also let us know what your go to easy dance moves are when you hit the dance floor!

Featured Image Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZGrufYSQPc