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You Know You Go To ASU When…

You Know You Go To ASU When…

Here are some undeniable signs that prove you are a true ASU student. Hiking ventures, game days and our burning dislike for U of A are just a few.

Here are a few undeniable things we all experience as ASU students. There is no way you can deny number eight. You know you go to ASU when:

1. You own more shorts and tank tops than you do pants and sweaters.

 shorts GIF

2. Your entire closet is filled with maroon and gold swag that you snagged at some campus event.

Yes… that is Michael Phelps.

 michael phelps asu distraction GIF


3. You have hiked up “A” mountain more times than you have gone to the gym.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment california wild desert reese witherspoon GIF

4. You always have a sweater in your backpack, because the AC can make lecture halls cold AF.

 mrw home max ac hours GIF

5. Your addicted to Dutch Bros (because it’s obviously better than Starbucks, and the lines are MUCH shorter)!

 queen pretty scream queens emma roberts GIF


6. The sunsets seem so bland everywhere else.

 jennifer lopez jlo disappointed bitch please GIF

7. You constantly flash pitchforks in all of your pictures (and you do it flawlessly).

 movies kill anchorman pitchfork hurl GIF

8. You hate U of A with a passion.

Even though we all know we are the better school, it’s a necessary rivalry.

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 angry hate will ferrell cock furious GIF

9. The phrase “#1 in innovation” is a constant joke between you and your friends (and it’s constant because it is EVERYWHERE, on and off campus).



10. You toss a sweater on when it gets down to a chilly 75 degrees.

 sad game of thrones snow cold GIF

11. You are proud to be a sun devil!!!

 baseball selfie selfies sorority asu GIF

Can you think of any other signs that show you go to ASU?! Comment below!
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