Go Down On Her Properly Starring Mila Kunis

Go down on her properly with these tips for better oral sex. These oral sex tips will help you get her to where she needs to go. Find out the best sex tips.

Women always are given sex tips about how to give better blow jobs, how to please him etc, etc. There are a million articles that cover how to have better sex or how to improve his orgasm. Oral sex is a hot commodity for men but it’s rare that we read an article about how to properly go down on her. Let’s get real – this isn’t something that should be so taboo. Every time I think of a guy going down on a girl, the scene in Friends with Benefits pops up in my mind. Mila Kunis, you are a complete bad-ass. What I’m trying to say is guys generally don’t know how it’s done. Here are some tips on how to go down on her properly.

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How To Go Down On Her

Let Her Know You Want To

Just like men, girls want to know you actually want to go down on her. Society body-shames women; as a result, most women feel self-conscious about you going down on her. It’s never a bad idea to let her know you are excited about going down on her. This will absolutely make her feel at ease.

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Instead of making assumptions about what you think she likes, ask her. It’s okay to ask her what she likes and doesn’t like; think about Friends with Benefits. Clearly communicating does the trick. Make sure you know what feels best for her. However, don’t communicate with her while you’re doing the damn thing. Getting too chatty is not appealing.

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Tease Her

Before going down on her, tease her. It takes women a lot longer to warm up than men. Take your time with her.

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Switch It Up

When you go down on her, you don’t need to constantly use your mouth. It’s okay to switch it up. Use your hands if you need to give your mouth a break.

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Keep It Simple

You don’t need to make things incredibly complicated. Don’t try and do too many things at once when you go down on her. Consistency is key. Once you figure out what she likes, stick with it. Doing too many things won’t impress her.

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How to go down on her isn’t one size fits all. Not every single woman enjoys the same thing. The most important thing to know before you go down on her is that you need to communicate. However, these are just a few tips to go down on her that might help you out. Going down on her takes practice. Think of the things you’d like, that’s how to go down on her.

How many of these tips to go down on her do you do?
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