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The 5 Glossier Products You Need

The 5 Glossier Products You Need

Glossier Products, The 5 Glossier Products You Need

We are all in need of a little self-care every now and then and especially now when we are all forced to stay inside, anxiety levels are rising and there is little to do. While everyone has their own self care needs like days at the spa, mani-pedis, baths or indulging in a good book, others find applying makeup or skincare products their preferred form of meditation and relaxation. Glossier, popular makeup and skincare brand, known in the makeup world for their minimalist, natural approach to beauty, offers it all. From your moisturizing body lotion to the perfect volumizing mascara, you can be sure to find something that suits your skin type and satisfies your makeup needs and appetite on their website. Read on to learn about the best products Glossier has to offer that are universally beneficial to every skin type, tone and every day makeup look.


1. Milky Jelly Cleanser

Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser is the perfect daily solution for all skin types that removes makeup, oil and excess dirt that has sunken into the pores. It has a creamy, jelly consistency and is hypoallergenic, vegan, soap free, paraben free, sulfate free and cruelty free. You can use this day and night for a smooth, refreshed feeling and rest assured your skin has had a deep cleaning. 

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

2. Super Bounce

Another essential skin care item is Glossier’s Super Bounce. This product is a combination of hyaluronic acid and vitamin b5 serum for maximized hydration. Super Bounce leaves skin feeling soft and smooth with any residue or stickiness. Super Bounce is paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Use Super Bounce along with your other skin care products before applying your makeup. This product is also great in dry conditions such as on long flights or in places with warm weather.

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

3. Futuredew

This product is the perfect primer and glowy serum all in one that provides the ultimate long-lasting dewy effect. Use this product in the last step of your skincare routine before applying your makeup. The plant based ingredients in Futuredew work to make your skin look instantly brighter and healthier without the greasy effect for up to 12 hours. This product is vegan, hypoallergenic and cruelty free.

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

4. Lidstar

Lidstar is the eye shadow of the 2020’s. The creamy consistency of this product gives for a natural, no-makeup makeup look and can be applied seamlessly onto the eyelids for a crease-free wow factor. Cream makeup is all the rage now and is said to look more natural than traditional powders for its ability to blend in with the natural colors of the skin and stray away from the cakey look all gurus aim to avoid. Use this product for a natural daytime look or for a shimmery nighttime look with your evening gettup. Try out a variety of six Lidstar shades from “Herb,” a foresty, metallic green color, “Fawn,” a purpley taupe hue, “Cub,” a shimmery rose gold, “Slip,” a golden and pink combination, “Moon,” a sheer cream color, to “Lily,” an incandescent violet hue. Lidstar is cruelty free, paraben free, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. 

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

5. Cloud Paint

Cloud Paint is the perfect cream blush to add to your rotation of beauty products for its lightweight and easy to blend formula. Choose from a variety of six shades: “Storm,” a rose color, “Dawn,” a coral hue, “Puff,” a medium pink, “Dusk,” a nude color, “Haze,” a berry color and “Beam,” a peach nude combo. This product is multi-use because it can be applied for a flush of color anywhere on your face. Apply on the cheeks for fresh glow or on the eyelids for a bright and natural substitute for eyeshadow. Cloud Paint is paraben free, fragrance free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. 

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need


6. Boy Brow

Always on the hunt for a perfectly-natural bushy brow product? We’ve got you covered! Indulge in Glossier’s eyebrow gel, Boy Brow, with an eyebrow brush tiny enough to comb through the smaller hairs central of the face but with large enough bristles to seamlessly carry enough product to your brows in a few quick strokes. The bottle is small enough to fit in a travel bag but will last you for months. Boy Brow is offered in four shades of hair, ranging from “Clear”, to “Brown,” “Blond,” and “Black.” This eyebrow gel gives brows a soft feel and keeps them in place without the product becoming stiff or flaking. Bow Brow is alcohol free, fragrance free, paraben free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. 

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

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7. Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream

In need of an everyday body lotion? Glossier has answered your prayers. Enter in Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream. Body Hero is the perfect on-the-go body lotion for day-long moisture and glow. This body lotion contains a combination cactus flower extract, prickly pear extract and yucca extract, ingredients for maximized moisture without the stickiness. These plants extracts combined with light-reflecting particles offer the perfect glow. Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream is paraben free, cruelty free and hypoallergenic.

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

8. Glossier You

A recent addition to the Glossier family of products is the Glossier You fragrance, a 2018 The Fragrance Foundation award winner. This fragrance is especially unique because it adapts to the chemistry of the skin of each individual wearer, giving you your own personal scent. The combination of musk, ambrette and ambrox makes for the perfect everyday scent on your body!

*The 5 Glossier Products You Need

When the time comes for a new product change or just a little self love, these Glossier products are your go-to’s for everything you dream of in a makeup and skincare line. Try out the Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream after your shower for hydrated skin all over, the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Super Bounce and Futuredew before applying your makeup for lush, dewy skin, Cloud Paint for a flushed, colorful glow, and Lidstar and Boy Brow for a natural eye look and effortlessly bushy eyebrows. End off your look by spraying a few spritz of Glossier You over your neck and wrists. You’ll be sure to turn heads all summer long!


Which Glossier products are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


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