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Glitter Sunscreen Is A Thing And Here’s Where To Buy It

Glitter Sunscreen Is A Thing And Here’s Where To Buy It

Okay, so we all know SPF is great to protect your skin and all. But have you heard of glitter sunscreen? It actually protects your skin while making it look fabulous at the same time. From rainbow, bronze, to star glitter - there are so many options of what to get!

If there’s anything 2017 can be known for, it’s glitter. The ever-popular matte makeup look faded from the top and was replaced with adjectives like glossy, glowy, dewy, highlight, aka – glitter. The matte era is officially over, so bring on the highlighter! This glitter trend even crossed over to sunscreen, as if iPhone cases, shoes, and beauty products weren’t enough. The glitter sunscreen phenomenon is something that’s definitely caught our attention, and if you want to get in on the summer trend, here’s where to buy it!

1) Sea Star Sparkle, SPF 50+

As if the packaging isn’t enough to entice you, the party cake fragrance and 80 minutes of water protection might! Not to mention, the amazing added benefit of glitter of course.


2) Glitter Kissed SPF 50 Lipgloss

I know, you’re probably thinking that wearing glitter on your lips may be slightly uncomfortable… and potentially bad to ingest. However, this glitter lip gloss has specific non-irritant glitter, so you are worry free! 

3) Awesome Sauce Glitter Lotion

If you want to feel like a radiant rockstar, then try out this glitter lotion. Apply it literally whenever you want a nice shine, and it will get the job done! In addition, it has lots of antioxidants and nutrients to make your skin smooth.

4) Beach Gypsy Gold Glitter

When it comes to glitter sunscreen, this may be the icing on the cake. If you love a good tan, then this SPF 30 + sunscreen will provide just enough protection to not get a sunburn. In addition, the glitter is a bronze color – to enhance that beach glow!


5) Hair Slay Glitter Hair Detangler

If your whole body is infused with glitter, your hair should be too. This glitter “hair slay” is one of the best hair detanglers. If you had a long day at the beach and need a good shower, add this hair slay in to get those knots out!  You’ll love the results of glitter hair.

6) Glamour Camper Natural Sunscreen SPF 50+

“Glamping” A.K.A – glamourous camping, is one of the newest trends to make it’s way to the beauty world. Therefore, if you plan on camping in style you might as well add this anti-bug gold glitter sunblock to your list! It’s SPF 50 +, and water resistant!

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7) Day Is Done Aftersun

After a long day spent out in the sun, nothing is more soothing then adding some lotion to your freshly tanned skin. This Day Is Done Aftersun lotion is one of the best lotions out there for a cooling sensation, while still adding radiance to your skin. The formula contains aloe vera with cooling lidocaine and glitter, so you look glowy and feel good too.

8) Totally Fun After Sun

Similar to the Day Is Done lotion, the Totally Fun After Sun also adds shine while cooling your skin. However, this one also moisturizes! Which is definitely needed after a day of sun exposure.


Would you buy glitter sunscreen? Let us know in the comment section below!

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