Glitter Roots: The Hair Color Trend Perfect For Pride

Glitter Roots: The Hair Color Trend Perfect For Pride

Glitter roots have been taking the internet by storm since late 2015. With so many variations on the trend its easy to see why it has been deemed the perfect look for any holiday party, night out and a staple to rock for Pride. So without much further ado, get out your sparkles, choose your favourite hairspray or gel and find out about glitter roots; the hair color trend perfect for Pride!

1. Get Creative

Pride is all about celebrating who you really are and these glitter roots will help tell that story. This hairstyle will let you express yourself to the fullest and show off your true colors as well as your individual style.

Whether you choose to rock gold sparkles with stars, blue glitter scales with your own green colored hair or rep the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, its all up to you and who you chose to be.


2. Won’t Stick Around

Despite what many may think, glitter roots are a relatively mess free style and it washes out quite easily. Even with glitter’s reputation for sticking around several days after you wash (which to be fair some glitter will stick around) it shouldn’t be anything too difficult, especially since the bulk of the glitter is mixed in with the hair gel first and not added directly to the scalp.

3. Easy Application

Glitter roots is one of the easiest hair trends to recreate. There is no need for you to have any particular set of special hairstyling skills, for you to be able to copy the elaborate braids or space buns you see many Instagrammers rock with this look and it can be executed with little time and money spent!


Simply get your hands on a strong hold hair gel, the glitter of your choice (make sure the sparkles are quite chunky and not too fine), a bowl and a dye brush for application.

Mix the gel and glitter together and apply liberally to roots. If you also want to use things like stars, beads, scales or other extras, just sprinkle onto your saturated scalp and they should hold throughout the day. For multiple colours repeat process but mix coloured glitters separately.

For an option that includes hairspray simply spay your roots, sprinkle the glitter on while the spot is still tacky and finish off with a second, final spray.


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4. Camouflage

As mentioned in the points above, glitter roots are an unexpectedly low maintenance style and allow for the least amount of specific hair prep. It can hide most overgrown roots or dirty unwashed hair (gross I know, but quite practical) in a pinch.


It offers you to have one less thing to worry about if you are planning on participating in the divers festivities Pride has to offer (especially the parades and parties). With loads of pictures being taken, all ¬†you’ll want to be able to look back on was how on point your hair was and that cutie you hooked up with afterwards.

5. Crowd Pleaser

If you try glitter roots, you are doing it because it is something that makes you happy and expresses your own individuality. Don’t rely on others to tell you what you should look like or how you should wear your hair, makeup, clothes, etc. That being said, these are a surefire way to attract loads of attention (and during these events thats no easy feat) and guarantees to have you swimming in compliments all day and night long!


Now that you know all about glitter roots will you be recreating this hair trend? Which look will you be rocking for Pride this year? Let us know in the comments!

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