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Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

Glasses are a wonderful creation, they help people actually see, can spice up your look, enhance facial features, balance your face and somewhat hide the bags under your eyes from not getting enough sleep last night because you were busy working on an assignment cure at A.M. the next day. Besides practically helping visually impaired people see, glasses can seriously make you look so much better than if you weren’t wearing glasses. You just have to make sure you’re getting the right frames to fit your face, nose and eye shapes. You should also take into account what activities you’re going to be doing while wearing the glasses, but today I’m going to share glasses frames you should consider getting.

Black Large Square Thin Frame

These glasses frames are a classic. They make you look and feel confident, sexy and smart. I only somewhat believe in the “choose a glasses frame that is opposite of your face shape so it balances out your face” because some people just look so good in any glasses frame. I think this glasses frame is one that looks good on everyone. It makes sharper jawlines pop, adds balance to round faces, makes heart faces look cuter – it is a great frame suitable for any face shape in my opinion.

I have definitely noticed these glasses frames on the rise in recent years, especially amongst hipster, but I feel like it’s becoming a normal glasses frame now, and not jus one for artsy hipsters who are trying to be different. You definitely know your face best and what looks good on it, but I definitely think you should check this one out!

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*Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

White Crystal Clear Translucent Large Square Frame

If you love spicing things up and making people double take, these glasses frames are for you. They are chic, sexy and make you look smart, in my opinion. Since they are translucent, they go with any look. If you are going out with friends, these will look sexy with your skirt and tube top, going to a family gathering, these bring that classic jeans and blouse outfit together and your family will be like, “Wow, looking good!” You know your face shape best though and should try them on before investing in them!

I’ve noticed these frames come into style recently, correct me if I’m wrong, and I was initially not a fan. Like, why would you wear clear glasses frames? Are you trying to make it look like you are not wearing glasses? But then I realized glasses frames not only help people vision impaired people see, but that are also a fashion statement. They can bring a look together and make someone look amazing or sloppy. Then I fell in love with these. I definitely want to get these glasses frames the next time I can get a new pair of glasses.

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*Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

Browline Red Frame

If you want to maintain that natural look of not wearing glasses, but enjoy the look and feel of wearing glasses, these glasses frames are perfect for you. Also, as an added bonus, if you have nice brows these will draw attention to that part of your face! These glasses frames give a pop of color, make a fashion statement, and show your personality. I think they look good on everyone, but you’ve got to choose a color that suits your skin tone, or go for a neutral one so it will match every outfit. I included red here to give everyone some inspiration on being adventurous with their next glasses frame, and thought red was a solid color.

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*Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

Black Large Square Thick Frame

These are pretty similar to the first frames, but the glasses frame is thicker than the first one! So it’s basically if glasses frames were bolded, instead of left alone. These also make the wearer look sexy, smart and confident. I think the thicker frames also make the wearer look more intimidating. These are definitely a good pair for anyone who wants to bring attention to their face, but it does hide a lot of the face.

Click on the image below to get these frames!

*Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

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Round Floral Pattern Frame

If you want to make a bold fashion statement every single day and love floral patterns, these glasses frames are perfect for you. They are cute, have an adorable frame shape and are a way for you to express your personality. You can also look into different colored flowers and different types of flowers that are on the frame to spice things up even more and to suit your own personal style!

Click on the link below to get these glasses!

*Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

Small Rectangle Thin Frame

These glasses frames are a classic look and make the wearer look sophisticated, chic, sexy and confident. I personally have a pair that is similar in shape to these glasses, and I love them. They are great for wearing to work, class, the gym (although contacts are bet there) for casual settings and for more professional or serious settings. I love how versatile they are and how good they look on any face shape. These are a classic and I think they are coming back in style, because I personally felt for a while no one was gettin frames this size, but I see them making a comeback and I’m here for it.

You should definitely try on these frames or ones that look similar before buying them, but I hope they look as good on you and make you feel good, as they do on me!

Click on the image below to get these glasses!

*Glasses Frames You Should Consider Getting

Glasses are worn by 64% of the world according to the Vision Council of America. Glasses can make or break your look, be sure to find the pair that suits your face and lifestyle best! Leave a comment below if you wear glasses and what influenced you on the frame you chose!

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