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10 Glasses Frames That Will Make You Look Cool And Stylish

It’s funny how much of a difference a pair of glasses makes. There is something about being bespectacled that makes us appear more intelligent or sophisticated. Truth be told, some of us are just trying to see properly. Regardless of the strength of your vision, here are some glasses frames to try out if you are looking to feel more smart and stylish.

1. Clear frames

Glasses with transparent frames are one of the most stylish frames that are currently trendy. While colorless by nature, the frames are able to blend in but still stick out and add so much style to your outfit. The shape of these frames also adds a bit of vintage flair but with a modern twist. The versatility of clear frames make these glasses the perfect ones for the workspace or out and about.

2. Circular frames

Fans of Harry Potter are sure to rejoice at being able to wear these types of glasses. Circular frames certainly have a bit of a bookworm vibe to them but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. These glasses will certainly make you look smart and stylish. Plus, they are made in a variety of colors, whether you feel like a modern black frame or more of a vibrant golden frame. A thinner frame is perfect if you want to have your glasses look more vintage, but thicker frames are sure to be more noticeable.

3. Red frames

If you are wearing glasses, why not let the world know. These red frames are impossible to ignore and can certainly elevate your entire outfit. This particular pair has more of a matte texture, but a glossy frame on these glasses makes them seem all the more stylish. The circular cat-eye frames also add that bit of vintage flair while also still feeling modern with the black temples (the part you put over your ears).  If you are feeling like having a pop of color or complement to your red aesthetic, these glasses will be perfect for you.

4. Rose gold frames

With rose gold being the ultimate aesthetic color, it’s no wonder that glasses frames in these colors instantly look more stylish. It doesn’t matter if you are dressed up for a special occasion or lounging around and reading a good book, rose gold frames are one of the most stylish frames available. Glasses like these are made to be worn oversized. Although they take up space (and rightfully so), they still retain a minimal feeling with thin frames. Wearing these rose gold glasses will instantly make you look Instagram ready, no filter needed.

5. Half-framed glasses

Split between two different colors or styles between glasses? With these frames, you can have two in one. Half frames combine two distinct styles and make them work seamlessly. The brown spotted pattern is perfectly complemented by the minimal lower half of the thin frame along with the reflective bridge above the nose. If you are planning on spending the day indoors in the coziest sweater possible, you will definitely want to have these glasses on to catch up on some reading. 

6. Aviators

These styles of frames are the definition of cool. The aviator style of glasses may be known for being used for sunglasses, but work just as well as normal eyeglasses. The thin wire of the frames is minimal but contains a unique shape that are instantly recognizable. Plus the metal bar above the lenses is just another small detail that adds to the style of Aviators. We recommend and golden frame if you decide to go this route just to keep with the retro vibe.

7. Hipster glasses

Regardless of your view of hipster culture, you have to admit they have style. Ironic as they might be, the type of glasses they typically wear is pretty cool. The bold, blocky, square shape might not be what is considered popular, but still contain a style that is all their own. Although they were trendy about a decade ago, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring them back at some point. Grab a pair and get ready to shoot some film photography and sip on a latte while having your hair tied in a messy bun.

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8. Cat eyes

Cat eyes have a personality all their own. There’s a sense of mischief but also a sense of playfulness when it comes to glasses with these frames. The pointed shape of these frames is instantly what grabs the attention and adds a sense of edginess and some sass. These frames also contain a retro feel but look perfect when worn with any outfit.  The cat eyes frame is also pretty versatile with color and pattern options whether you choose a sleek black or a vibrant red. You can even go all out with a leopard print frame that looks great on anyone, especially if you are a cat person.

9. Oversized infinity

The infinity shape of these glasses looks great especially when oversized. The rounded shape certainly looks great on any pair of glasses without looking too exaggerated. This is a great choice in frames when looking for something that perfectly balances a sense of quirk with sophistication. They are definitely noticeable, but you will want people to notice whether you are going to work or a day full of classes. A black pair of these glasses especially looks sophisticated as does rose quartz or crystal turquoise.

10. Teal frames

When considering getting a pair of glasses, prescription or not, you always have to consider the color of frames. If you are looking for something a bit more fun that isn’t considered a traditional color, teal is one of the best choices. A pair of glasses with teal frames keeps that sense of sophistication but makes them a bit more fun. Teal is a great choice for a vibrant color without being too distracting. Of course, for these glasses, the color is toned down a bit but is still sure to be noticed. The tortoiseshell parts of the glasses look great when paired with the teal frames for the best modern look. Just call it “modern but make it fun”.

Which of these pairs of glasses were your favorites? Let us know which ones you will be wearing in the comments!

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