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20 Glamorous Hairstyles You’ll Need For Every Winter Occasion

20 Glamorous Hairstyles You’ll Need For Every Winter Occasion

Winter hair can be impossible to maintain, with coats and hats and all the extra layers your hair gets staticky and just looks unkempt. With all the holidays and special events, you need your hair to look even nicer than normal. These glamorous hairstyles are the perfect solution to your uncontrollable winter hair. 

1. Half up Curled

Curled hair is my favorite look for winter, its elegant and just so perfect for all the events you’re going to. This look can be for formal or more casual occasions. Perfect for Christmas dinner at your grandparents or for a formal dinner at your bosses house. Either way this is easy and quick and a perfect option for glamour hairstyles.


2. Sleek Bun

This is another option for when you don’t have a lot of time. You may be running from work straight to your boyfriends Christmas party and not have time to go home and fix your hair. A sleek bun is the perfect option, easy to do and looks really sophisticated. Depending on the length of your hair you can make it a low bun or high bun. Just brush it back and you’re good to go. 

3. Braids

Braids tend to be grown out once you pass middle school, but if you know how to style it, you can wear braids and still look professional and grown up. Braiding your hair back into two French braids then curling the bottom portion turns this from a school yard look to a glamorous hairstyle. This is perfect for family dinners or date night at a restaurant. Not too dressy but cute enough to go with your corduroy  dress. 


4. Preppy Pony

Also know as the Ariana pony, this high on the head ponytail is easy to do and perfect for more casual looks. This keeps your hair out of your face and away from all the static on your clothes. Wear this when you’re cozy in your sherpa jacket driving around looking at Christmas lights or going out into the snow. It’s a cute look that ensures you don’t have to worry about your hair at all. 


5. Sleek Straight

This look may seem simple but if you do it right this gives a new look and sophistication. Straightening your hair can take a long time or be super quick depending on your hair type, but this look is so glamorous that everyone needs to try it. The key to this look is shiny straight hair, the healthier it looks the cuter it will look.  Adding a dramatic part or pinning one side back can really elevate this look. Another option thats easy to do for busy days, but still gives you a chic look. 

6. Velvet Accessories

My favorite winter fabric is velvet and there are endless options for velvet hair accessories. These are adorable and can be so festive for winter. Throwing in a velvet hair tie or scrunchie is easy to keep your hair out of your face without it looking sloppy. It’s an easy way for when you don’t even want to deal with your hair to throw it up and mask it with a bow.


7. Pearl Pins

Pearl bobby pins are the perfect way to make sure your hair is controlled but also cute. Pearl clips and bobby pins have taken over and can be found essentially in any clothing store since they add the perfect glamorous touch to any hairstyle. They really make a statement with your hair and can dress up any look.


8. Curls

Curls have always been my go to for a more glamorous look, but I have very thin straight hair and the inability to curl my own hair so I never really get to wear this style as much as I would like. Regardless of hair type, if you are curling your hair it’s going to take a bit more time. This is ideal for fancier occasions, throw it up in a bun when you go to bed and the morning after your big even you’ll have loose curls for a casual brunch.  Just simple curls and nothing else added can be be so chic and the perfect choice for a glamours hairstyle.

9. Satin Bow

Long satin hair bows have been huge recently. They add such a girly and dainty look to any outfit. It is a great way to dress up jeans and a sweater for going gift shopping or the perfect addition to a shift dress. These are also great for when you want a good hair day, but your hair just isn’t cooperating. 


10. Short and Sweet

Short hair has become fashionable again and very on trend. More and more people are cutting their hair above their shoulders both for convince and style. This is such a flattering cut on everyone and is much easier to maintain than long hair. Especially in winter when your hair is super staticky, half the time you style it, it still looks untamed. With short hair you don’t have to worry about that, there’s less to style and once you get it to look how you want you won’t have to mess with it again. Perfect for day to day looks but can also be styled for more formal occasions. 


11. Wavy Baby

The best way I know of achieving this look is either curling it and then brushing through the curls for a looser look, or curling it and then sleeping the curls. My favorite part of curling my hair, is the look I have the next day. It’s not as formal as curls but still nicer than my naturally straight hair. This is a great option for back to back holiday parties. 

12. Natural

Your natural hair is almost always going to be the easiest style you can achieve. This is ideal for work or going out with friends for drinks. Giving your hair a break during winter when it’s constantly fried will help keep it healthier longer. It will also save you so much time rocking your natural hair.


13. Headband

There are so many looks these days that show us that headbands aren’t just for grade schoolers to match their school uniforms. Headbands are an easy touch to keep your hair out of your face but also add an extra accessory and a bit of glamour. 


14. Dramatic Part

I have been know to part my hair too dramatically to the side, but I just can’t pull off the middle part like everyone else. I’ve also found that for a really elegant look parting your hair to the side, and pinning the one side back makes such an amazing look. Loose curls, straight or even ringlet curls all are perfect for pulling off this sophisticated look. 

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15. Claw Clip

I am a very big fan of just throwing your hair back into a clip, it doesn’t pull like a ponytail does and doesn’t give you a headache from it being so tight. It’s always a looser look, opting for a dressier clip than a traditional banana clip will give you the perfect glamorous hairstyle.

16. Curled Ponytail

Ponytails usually can dress down your outfit, but adding some curls to your ponytail makes it more suitable for a formal occasion. Throwing in a braid to ensure none of your hair falls out of place is another way to make it go from a boring ponytail to a pretty ponytail.


17. Half up Bun

The half up bun has become a staple for every girl, its an easy way to pull up some of your hair out of your face without compromising your look. Putting it in a messy bun adds a more casual wear, perfect for all of the sweaters you’ll be wearing all winter long. This can also be dressed up for fancy dinners by throwing in some curls and accessories. 


18. Hat 

Another hairstyle ideal for winter is a wool hat. Not the hats that are sock hats you wear when it’s freezing out, this is a great option for if you aren’t having a great hair day. For semi formal occasions putting on a wool brimmed hat can really take your look to the next level. You’ll be warm and fashionable.

19. Tucked Hair

Tucked hair is a similar concept to a claw clip, where it’s looser than a bun but this looks much more elegant than a claw clip. This takes more time to do than just throwing your hair into a clip, but it gives such a sophisticated look to your outfit. This is perfect for New Years parties or weddings. The best part is you don’t need to use any heated tools to achieve this look, so you’ll keep your hair looking healthy all winter long.


20. Messy Bun

Messy buns aren’t just for doing chores around the house, this can be a look perfect for movie dates to formal theatre dates. Although this has long been know as a casual hairstyle, it can easily be transformed to fit your holiday hairstyles. 


Which looks will you be duplicating this winter? Comment below which hairstyle is your favorite!

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