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10 Girls’ Night In Ideas You Have To Try

It’s the weekend, but you don’t feel like going out. Instead, you want some time with the girls to just chill out and recharge before the start of the next week. Here are some ideas you should try for your next girls night!

1. Chick Flick Night

A rom-com movie night with the girls is a staple for a girls night in. But the usual doesn’t mean it’s boring! You can either watch a classic that you’ve seen a million times or try something you’ve never seen before. Whether it’s one that makes you laugh, cry, or both, you’re bound to have a relaxing and fun time!

2. Baking Sweet Desserts

Baking is such a fun activity to do when hanging with your best gal pals. Whether it’s brownies, cookies or even a whole cake, baking sweet goodies can make for great bonding and certainly leave you with plenty to do. Once they’re ready, you all can decorate the treats, making them all your own! So brew up some coffee and heat up that oven!

3. Spa Treatment

After a long week of work, sometimes all you want to do is chill out and relax. I could not think of a better way to do so than a spa night. There are so many different facets of this you can take it in any direction. Do hair, skin, nail care or all of the above!  Break out the nail polish and the face masks and make room for some well-deserved TLC!

4. Fashion Show Of Your Closets

Sometimes you may look at your closet and be bored with the same old same old. But to your friends, your clothes are being seen with fresh eyes. So pump some tunes, while you and your friends try on some outfits. And who knows, what you threw in the back of your closet could be worn in a new way you never thought of before!

5. Arts and Crafts

Being a little crafty on a girls night is always a good go to. Nowadays there are so many different DIY artsy activities on Pinterest and Instagram that you are bound to find something you all will enjoy. Or relax and just do some simple coloring or painting!

6. Cook A Delicious Dish

Has your cookbook been sitting in the drawer collecting dust? Well wipe off those cobwebs, so you and your friends can search for a fun dish to make together. You can divide up the roles of who prepares what and put on some tunes to mix and chop along to. It doesn’t matter if you’re not good at cooking or even if the meal doesn’t come out as planned. It’s a fun bonding activity and even if all goes wrong, it’s a funny story to tell later!

7. Karaoke

Do you really know the lyrics to all your favorite songs? Better than your friends? Well, a round or two of karaoke will put you in the best mood. You can also compete against your friends to see who really does know the lyrics to that song. Singing is therapeutic for the soul and no matter your ability everyone will have fun bellowing out a tune or two!

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8. Video Games

It wasn’t until recently hanging at a friends house that I picked up a controller. I think the last time I had done so was years ago. We were playing super smash bros, having a ton of fun and making fun of how rusty each we all were. So even if you may feel too old or too removed from the gaming scene, turn on a game console if you have one handy and have some fun!

9. Binge a Netflix or Hulu Original

We all now that when a show is really good we could watch five episodes and not even realize where the time went. So why not do so in the company of friends? There are so many originals on both Netflix and Hulu nowadays, and some pretty quick watches with six episodes or less. So sit back, grab some snacks and let the bingeing begin!

10. Boy Talk

Now I know you’re probably thinking this defeats the purpose of a girl’s night. But let’s be real, the conversation of boys is bound to come up. Whether you’re currently seeing someone or interested in someone new, it’s fun getting your friends’ thoughts and opinions on the matter. So free the feels!

Staying in for the night to relax and bond with your gal pals never has to be boring. Sometimes it can be more enjoyable than a night on the town. So the next time you and your friends are hanging in for your girls night be sure to keep in mind some of these fun activities!

What do you do for your girls night? Let us know in our comments section!

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