8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

We all go on a girls holiday at some point in our lives, the classic one being the youthful party holiday. Whether for good reasons or bad, these holidays are guaranteed to be memorable a they’re spent with your much loved girlfriends, but they can come with some unexpected realisations…

1. It really is all over

As with any holiday, landing on home soil (usually accompanied by rain) truly bursts your holiday bubble and brings you harshly back to reality. The difference with a girls holiday though, is the added sadness of parting from your besties who you’ve just spent a week with, having been in each other’s company 24/7. It doesn’t feel right to be splitting up and you question how you lived life without them pre-holiday!

8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

2. How much closer you feel to your friends

A positive realisation post girls holiday is how much the experience has brought your friendship group together. You’ve seen each other naked, you’ve borrowed each other’s clothes and make-up, and you’ve uncovered everyone’s best kept secrets. You feel closer than you’ve ever been before and you couldn’t wish for better friends (unless of course the holiday was a disaster, in which case you realise you need new friends!).

8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

3. You’re going to be ill for the foreseeable future

Returning from a girls holiday takes you back to when you crashed out the first week of freshers. You drunk too much, slept too little, sung too loudly and danced too passionately. Your body is knackered and in need of a good rest, but it was 100% worth it.

8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

4. You’re poor

Yep, you spent all your hard-earned money on this holiday and you’re coming back with not a cent left over…which only means you have to go back to work – what a hideous thought.

8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

5. You probably have an STI…

If you did your girls holiday right (single), there’s a high chance you ended up in a few scummy hotel rooms/club toilets/beaches doing the deed. Quite possibly drunk and unprotected, whilst enjoyable at the time and a great story to tell, you now face the reality of getting checked out.

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6. You’re totally uncultured

You were so wrapped up in partying and tanning, you realise your girls holiday consisted of absolutely zero cultural activities. You didn’t learn one word of the language, nor discover any of your destination’s history or iconic spots…then again, when would you have fitted it in? You had to prioritise drinking and flirting!

7. Your tan is going to fade

You’ve spent the entire week basking in the sun to achieve that natural glowing tan and a couple of hours on the flight home has already got you looking white af again. There’s no way you’re going to naturally sustain your golden skin in the disappointing UK climate, but you can always live in hope and moisturise ten times a day…

8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

8. You have to start planning next year’s adventure!

Riding the holiday high, you realise there’s no better time than the present to start thinking about travel plans for the following year. It’s hard to let go of the cloud nine feeling, so maybe just dropping to cloud eight by talking about future possibilities is the best way to sustain your girls holiday high and not come crashing back down to earth with such a bang. The promise of repeating the experience softens the impact of number one in this article through the reassurance that it’s not over forever.

8 Girls Holiday Realisations You’ll Face Once Home

Did you have any epiphanies after your girls holiday? Was it a great success or a complete disaster? Let us know the aftermath!

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