10 Girl Power Songs To Rock Out To This Galentine’s Day

Girl power songs are what get us though the hardest of times, this Galentine's Day jam out to these songs with your girls.

As we are coming down off our holiday buzz we begin to get in a mood because for those of us who are painfully single as soon as the Christmas decorations come down the big red hearts go up. Valentine’s Day isn’t a day for couples in love anymore. It is also a time to just celebrate the ones you love and reminding yourselves that you don’t need to be in a relationship to be happy. So instead of just vegging out on the couch this day of love, grab your girls and prepare for an epic night out. Just be sure to play these girl powers songs while you pregame!

1. “Thank U, Next” – Ariana Grande

Just when you think Ariana couldn’t possibly make an even bigger mark in 2018 after her release of “God Is A Woman” she goes and drops this baby on us. Ever since the songs the release her fandom has been in a craze over this “smash” as she so calls it in the lyrics. This girl power song is the best way to jam out with your girls while you are saying bye to all the men who weren’t enough for you.

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2. “Woman” – Kesha ft The Dap-Kings Horns

We were all thrilled when Kesha made her way back to the music scene with her album Rainbow in 2017. The most popular song on the album was her song “Praying” which was about the ordeal she went through with manager. Most of the songs on the album are about self love and moving on from hate, all of which will give you chills. Her song “Woman” is the best song on the album if you are looking of the perfect girl power anthem. Within the first few lines she sings “Everything I got it, bought it, boys can’t buy my love.” The song is an liberating funk masterpiece that will get your squad in the perfect mood to dominate the world.

10 Girl Power Songs To Rock Out To This Galentine’s Day

3. “IDGAF” – Dua Lipa

I think we all have fantasized about a guy who has screwed us over coming back to us to make amends only, so we can tell them to get lost. Dua Lipa’s song “IDGAF” is the song that brings that fantasy alive. With a hook that is venomous you will feel like a goddess when you sing along.

4. “Bitch” – Meredith Brooks

Meredith Brooks song “Bitch” was one of the biggest summer songs in the 90s. This sing sings about the many sides a woman has and that we are not so easy to figure out like men think we are. “Bitch” is the perfect song to jam out to that will celebrate the crazy bitch inside us all cause “you wouldn’t have it any other way.”

10 Girl Power Songs To Rock Out To This Galentine’s Day

5. “So What” – P!nk

Over a decade ago P!nk almost called it quits with her now husband Carey Hart. While the couple is now stronger than ever with a beautiful family we at least got this amazing break up song, “So What.” The song is a girl power hit that makes you feel like the strong independent woman that you are that doesn’t need some tool around.

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6. “Run the World (Girls)” – Beyonce

This wouldn’t be a girl power song list without the Queen B, Beyonce. Seven years ago she released her song “Run the World” and we have been singing it ever since. Every line of this complex, but catchy track reminds girls all over that they have so much more power than they think when it comes to the opposite sex, “Disrespect us? No they won’t.” When you are in need of a pick me up this Galentine’s day there is no better song to get you to move.

10 Girl Power Songs To Rock Out To This Galentine’s Day

7. “Bad Reputation” – Joan Jett & The Blackheart

I absolutely love all 80s music and if you ask me I think Joan Jett was one of the leading girl powered ladies of the decade. “Bad Reputation” is all about doing what you want and not caring what anyone else thinks. This girl power song needs to be played on blast on the way to your night out with the girls to get you ready to cause some trouble.

8. “Respect” – Aretha Franklin

While Beyonce is the Queen B, Aretha Franklin will always be the Queen of Soul. “What you want baby I got it, do you know I’ve got it. I’ll I’m asking is for a little respect.” We are in a time in the world where men tend to be a little less than respectful, so when you and your girls are getting ready to go out play this hit and remind yourselves that you will accept nothing less than respect.

10 Girl Power Songs To Rock Out To This Galentine’s Day

9. “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” – Whitney Houston

Billboard has dubbed this song one of this greatest songs of all time and with good reason. It is a powerful song from start to finish that has been mashed-up and covered by other artist multiple times. Even though with hit has inspired so many people, I doubt there will ever be anyone who can deliver it with as much power as the one and only Whitney.

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10. “Wannabe” – Spice Girls

This wouldn’t be a girl power songs list if we didn’t have the Spice Girls his “Wannabe.” This song came out when I was only three years old and I still sing it with my friends as we are heading into our late twenties. This song is the gold standard for what a girl power song needs to be about. The Spice Girls made the rule that no matter how good looking or nice a guy might be, if he doesn’t get along with your friends he is outta luck.

10 Girl Power Songs To Rock Out To This Galentine’s Day

This Galentine’s Day don’t mope if you don’t have a S.O. to celebrate the day of love with. Get together this list of girl power songs, put on your favorite outfits, and strut your stuff with your best friends. Nothing is better than spending a night being inspired by the best singers throughout the decades with all the most important people in your life.
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