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10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

Finding gifts for friend is usually super easy, but finding one when she’s getting married, a little harder.  Although she probably has a registry, getting her a toaster just doesn’t seem very meaningful. These gifts will be both meaningful and practical. She’ll be so excited with these and you’ll know you got her something she actually wants..

1. Something Off Her Registry  

This may see super boring but getting her something off her registry ensures that you’re getting her something she needs but also wants. If you’re close friends with her, get her something fun off of her registry that’s a higher ticketed item. So, if she’s registered for an oven mitt but she’s also registered for a margarita maker, you get her the margarita maker. Adding in items to go along with the gift she registered for can make it more fun, so adding in tequila and margarita mix makes it a complete gift. Its something that her older relatives probably won’t get hers she needs her friends to pull through on the fun registry items. Those are the items she probably wants the most, so don’t let her down with a cooking kit.

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

2. Something Personalized

This could be a welcome mat that says Mr. and Mrs. and their last name, it could be engraved wine glasses, it could be a custom made photo album to put their wedding pictures in. Getting something that isn’t boring for their home and is more personalized will be more meaningful to her.If she changes her last name, something with her new last name is a fun way to get her something to celebrate her wedding. Something they can display in their home to celebrate the day, and they’ll love that it came from a good friend. This is a great for a meaningful wedding gifts option.

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

3.  An Experience

I’ve always been a firm believer that the best gifts are experiences. Tickets to a concert, a free stay at your parents boujee cabin in the mountains, their favorite sports team. Getting them tickets to something they truly love and can spend time together doing, shows you want to help them develop their relationship but that you also care about there interests. If they both really love classical music but never get a chance to experience, getting them tickets to an opera or an orchestra is a perfect gift for them to experience something they love. It will by far be their favorite present.

4. A Joint Gift

This is a good option for bridesmaids to do together, or if you know your friend wants something a little out of your price range. You and your other friends can pull together to get her something she really wants. They may have registered for a couch, but you can’t quite get them that on your own, get your friends together and go in on it as a group. You’ll know you’re getting them something they truly need, but you also won’t go broke for the sake of your friend.

5. High Quality Suitcase Set

They’ll love this right before their honeymoon. If there’s anything I’ve learned from traveling, it’s that high quality luggage and easy to move luggage are key. Especially if they are going to be traveling to multiple places, having luggage that only has two wheels or a wheel that breaks is a nightmare. Luggage can be expensive so people tend to not want to spend that money on themselves, so getting it for your friend is a perfect way to ensure they have a stress free honeymoon.

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

6. High-tech Coffee Maker

Almost everyone has a cheap coffee maker they lived off of in college, or they even have a little mini Keurig, but with newlywed life comes most couples working more than before so they’ll be needing a better quality coffee maker. With so many options out there for good coffee makers, don’t let your friend down and get her something she’ll use. Coffee makers these days can help them make lattes or other speciality coffees from home, helping them to save money. Or getting them a French Press and matching mugs is a great way to welcome them into marriage. 

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

7. Places We’ve Been Map

This is such a fun and cute idea for a couple who loves to travel. This map of the U.S. lets them put in pictures of themselves together after they’ve been to that state. It’s a fun way to encourage them to travel, but to also remember all the places they’ve been together. Start out by putting the engagement picture in their home state and have them fill in the rest. It’s such a fun and unique gift with so much meaning behind it. 

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10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

8. Quality Bedding Set

Bedding is very expensive, but as a married couple, sleeping on jersey material sheets just feels childish. Getting them nice quality silk sheets and matching comforter ensure they have really nice bedding for when they have to show off the new house to guests. It’s another one of those items people want but have a hard time buying for themselves because it doesn’t seem practical, so as her friend you can step in and get her something she’ll love and something she deserves. 

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

9. Bar Cart

Getting them a little cocktail bar cart will be a really cute and fun option for wedding gifts. With how many people they’ll be having over their first year of marriage, they’ll need it fully stocked. Getting them this is a great addition to their kitchen or any room they wan to add it to, but it’s also super practical. They’ll be having people over all the time so it will be perfect and save them from having to run to the liquor store every weekend. Give them a good variety, but make sure to personalize it with their favorites!

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

10. Jewelry

Although her wedding day jewelry is already picked out and her ring is the MVP of accessories for the rest of her life, getting her a small something to remind her of your bond is really meaningful and special and makes a great option for wedding gifts.  All the jewelry I wear everyday is jewelry that was given to me as a gift, I love having a little reminder of my friends and family being with me wherever I go. Her gorgeous earring and necklace from her wedding she won’t be able to wear day to day, so getting her something super basic she can wear to remind her of her bind with you will be really special. This is a great addition to any boring wedding gifts and shows you really care about her.

10 Gifts Your Friend Actually Wants For Her Wedding

What wedding gifts are you getting your friend? Comment below what wedding gifts ideas you have for your friends wedding!

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