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Gifts To Give To Your College Student

Gifts To Give To Your College Student

When you don’t have the chance to see your college students every day, gift-giving can be a little stressful! Finding the right gift can be harder than it looks! It shouldn’t be too hard, but in case it is, here are some gifts your college student will love this holiday season!

1. Gift Cards 

If you are not sure about what gifts to get your college students. Gift cards are getting if you know where they shop! You can give them a chance to go on a shopping trip to relax and have fun! If your student loves food or maybe loves bowling, but doesn’t have the money to go out for a good time, get them a gift card for that! You are sure to make them happy this holiday season!

Depending on the store that you are getting gift cards for, you can go to the store. If you want to get them a visa card you can easily find those at any Staples store, plus they normally have a bunch! 

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

2. Electronics

If you know a college student who loves all things tech, ask them what new tech they were looking to get. Electronics can also be cellphones, and no one will say no to a new one! For other electronics, it’s hard to find the right one that you know they will use. If their laptop is dying, those might be great gifts!

This might be something you might buy with them by writing a little note so they know you didn’t leave them out, but you also didn’t want to get something they either didn’t need or want! Best Buy is a great place to go for your electronic needs, but if you are ballin’ on a budge try Walmart too, they might have some great gifts there too!

3. Blankets

No one can say no to blankets, during the winter season it tends to get cold inside and out! If your college students love cozy blankets, Kohls has some pretty good choices for gifts like those! They have so many different types of blankets! If your student loves heated blankets, they have those! If your students love weighted blankets, throw blankets, fleece blankets; they have so many types you’ll want to walk away with one too!

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

4. Photos

Is your college student sentimental? Do they have too many pictures but no place to put them? Or do they need photos because their room looks a bit dull? Photo frames are great for the student who takes a lot of pictures but ends up throwing them into a drawer because they have nothing to put them in! Frames can help unclutter a space that has too many photos! It can also make space look amazing with new additions of pictures! Shop here for frames!

Giving your student picture gifts can show them you care and that you want them to know that they are always thought about no matter where they are! If it’s one picture or a collage, they will be so happy when they see the work you put into this gift! Shop here for photos!

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

5. Headphones

One of the most lost things on college campuses are headphones! Giving your student multiple headphones will save their life when they lose them for the 13th time! Gifts like this are something they will thank you for because they know how valuable they are because they use them every day. A day without headphones is a day where they can’t go to the library to watch Netflix before class! It’s a luxury that you never knew was a luxury until you don’t have them!

You don’t want to get the wrong headphones though, so ask your student and sneak into their room and find out what headphones they like. Maybe strike up a conversation about getting your own and you need advice! If you are not that smooth into making conversation without giving yourself away, here are some headphones they may like!

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

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6. Decor

If you come to see your student at school for a weekend, you may notice how bland the walls look. It’s hard to shop decor for a student, most often the decor of choice that won’t leave marks on the wall is tapestry! There are many types of prints and pictures you can choose from which is fun and if you know what they like, it will make both of you happy this holiday season! There is a timeline for tapestry’s so make sure you give yourself a lot of time when placing the order! There are so many places to get tapestry, but here is a great one to check out! 

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

7. Games

If you have a college student who tends to stay in most weekends but complains about having nothing to do; any type of game will help your student have an exciting weekend! Board games might not seem very entertaining but when all students do, most of the time, is homework, they tend to not know what to do with themselves after they have everything done. If they love relaxing in their apartment or dorm room, board games are great to challenge their minds while having a fun time! Here are some fun games your student will love!

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

8. Mugs 

If your student is like everyone else, then coffee is a must during the school year! When the cold comes around and the hot coffee starts brewing, your student would love to put his first cup in a mug that you got for them! With mugs you can create to add a personal touch, gifts like this will become the favorite! You could go to their favorite place that sells mugs and grab one with a cute saying on it or make one online using Vistaprint! This will need to be ordered a little beforehand because they do get a lot of personal orders during the holidays!

*Gifts To Give To Your College Student

Gift finding can be so hard when your college student is away from home and you can’t pick up on gifts they might want over a phone call! Have you given one of these as gifts? Were these helpful? Tell us in the comments below!
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