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Top 10 Gifts To Get Your Partner For Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Gifts To Get Your Partner For Valentine’s Day

You’ve just finished having a conversation with your partner about Valentine’s Day, which is coming up soon. They were wondering if you had any gifts in mind for that most romantic of days. Honestly, you hadn’t even thought of Valentine’s Day, let alone bought anything for your partner. However, you make the wise decision not to tell them that, so instead you smile and say you bought them a perfect present. After the conversation ends and your partner heads out to lunch with some friends, you begin to think of what you can get them for Valentine’s Day.

A mug

When Valentine’s Day finally arrives, you’ve had enough time to come up with the perfect plan to make your partner’s day. After waking up in the morning, you head downstairs to the kitchen and prepare a pot of coffee. Since your partner doesn’t get up till 8, that gives you plenty of time to brew the coffee and have it ready by then. Soon enough, the grandfather clock chimes 8, and your partner comes walking down the stairs to be greeted by you holding out some coffee in a brand new mug.

A mug



Your partner is very pleased and, getting comfortable on the couch, says that this Valentine’s Day is going very well. You reply that it’s only going to get better and, as you say this, you open the drawer of the coffee table and pull out a huge box of chocolates. Your partner gasps in delight while her face lights up. Reaching forward, you seize a fistful of chocolates and offer the slightly crushed sweets to her. She looks at you weirdly for a second, then takes one from your hand gingerly but doesn’t eat it. 



You begin to ask her what’s wrong, but just then the doorbell rings. She looks at you, expecting you to answer the door. This is usually your responsibility but, since you know who’s out there, you want her to answer it. You and your partner gesture furiously at each other, spilling coffee all over the couch. Eventually, you end the argument by crawling on the couch and pulling a blanket over your head. Your partner gets up quickly and goes to answer the door, where they find the delivery man holding some beautiful red Valentine’s Day roses.



A Big Teddy Bear

You hear her thank the delivery man for the roses and head back into the living room to thank you as well. However, when she re-enters the room, you have disappeared, and in your place is a giant teddy bear. From your hidden vantage point, you see your partner standing in the entrance to the living room, holding the flowers and looking slightly confused. You see her set the flowers on a nearby cabinet and walk over to the couch to inspect the giant teddy bear. A sign on the coffee table says “A cuddly friend.” Slowly sitting back down on the couch, she makes herself comfortable against the side of the bear. It is then that you, hidden inside the hollow costume, quickly put your arms around her.

Teddy Bear


Heart Art

Later in the day, after you apologized for almost giving your partner a heart attack with your Valentine’s Day costume, you proceed to prepare your next gift: a heart made up of photographs of the both of you together. The thing is, you haven’t been with your partner very long, so you had to improvise. Giving the art to your partner, she notices how all the photos have a cutout of either your or her face glued over the face of someone else. This makes it appear like you’ve been in a lot of pictures together when, in reality, you haven’t been.

Heart art

Do it yourself Fortune Cookies

You weren’t sure how your partner would react to your Valentine’s Day artwork which you made for her. In fact, you’re still not sure what she thinks of it since she didn’t say anything when you showed it to her. It’s probably best to move on quickly to the next gift: do it yourself fortune cookies. This seems to brighten up your partner a little, and you both have fun writing messages for each other and placing them in the cookies. When they’re finished baking, you exchange cookies with each other and read the small notes. The one she wrote to you reads “What’s going on today? What are you planning?”

Do it yourself fortune cookies

Buy them a star

Later in the evening, as you and your partner are sitting outside in the backyard in comfy lawn chairs, you point up at the sky and say “See that star? I bought that for you.” Your partner begins to laugh but, once she sees that you’re serious, she immediately stops. Taking out a slip of paper from your pocket, you hand it to her while talking about the star. You tell her it’s in the Neutron galaxy, but she doesn’t seem to be listening. “You named it after yourself?” she asks. You nod and say that now, when they look up at the sky, they’ll always remember you.

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Buy them a star

Sing them a song

Shortly after giving her this wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, you both head inside. Guiding her to the living room, you slowly sit down with her on the couch and tell her that this next gift was the most creative thing you could think of. Asking her to wait for a second, you get up, head upstairs, and take a ukulele from the closet. Heading back downstairs, you serenade your partner with a slow version of the Drake and Josh theme song, which could be mistaken for a love song if someone, like your partner, has never seen the show.

Play them a song

A wonderful dinner

Unfortunately, you couldn’t help but chuckle during the song, so your partner knew something was up. Valentine’s Day does not seem to be going too well. Late into the evening, as your partner is reclining on the couch with her arm covering her eyes, you walk in and announce that dinner is ready. You have no doubt that she expects the dinner to be just as lackluster as the preceding gifts but, walking into the dining room, she spots the most magnificent and romantic meal that she’s ever seen.

Romantic dinner

A Ring

You and your partner enjoy a quiet candlelit meal as you laugh about the earlier events of the day. She’s surprised that you brought it up since, to be totally honest, none of it was good. You laugh and say you just wanted to see her reaction to the wacky and out of the ordinary Valentine’s Day you planned for her. She isn’t mad at you, however, because, now that she thinks of it, you do this kind of thing all the time. She reiterates the question which was on her fortune cookie: “What are you planning?” Getting down on one knee and offering her a ring, you say “This.”

A ring

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner? Have you ever done anything as wacky as this before? Let me know in the comments below!