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Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

We both know why you’re here. Your partner’s special day is coming up, whether that be a birthday, your anniversary together, or a holiday is coming up! Maybe you even want to propose — don’t worry, I have something for that too.

And how convenient, they’re also a gamer! They probably play a multitude of games, so in honor of their gaming habits, here’s a few gaming gifts that will probably suit their tastes! There’s Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and general gaming gifts that they may like!

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1. Playstation Coffee Mug

Okay, maybe it’s early in the relationship, or you don’t really pay attention to what they’re playing. But, you do know that your partner has a PlayStation console and uses it regularly. What kinds of gaming gifts do get them then?

This Playstation Coffee Mug is a great, simple gift to give your partner who only own PlayStation games!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner


2. Game Over Winter Beanie

Winter is coming, and it’s time to bundle up in your favorite winter coats and clothes! Among the other gaming gifts you may give them, why not include this comfy beanie?

It’s may look cool, but it’ll keep your partner warm during cold nights! They’re sure to appreciate it.

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner


3. Professional Large Gaming Mouse Pad

Is your gamer partner an avid gamer and possible Twitch connoisseur? Is their mouse giving them trouble, getting caught or just not registering on their computer sometimes? You may recognize this through the occasional, frustrated, guttural screams of, “Ugh, my computer mouse isn’t working!”

No need to worry! Get them a gaming mouse pad! With a gaming mouse pad, their mouse has less of a chance of catching on some invisible material or register better than on the bare table.

4. G-Tracing Gaming Chair

Has your partner been complaining about back pain or their chair just not treating them right overall? Getting them a gaming chair might be able to fix that! A gaming chair is definitely one of the more efficient and useful gaming gifts, especially if you get a really good one.

The G-Tracing gaming chair is a staple in gaming culture, and many Twitch streamers and gamers have this chair as well.

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

5. NES Classic Edition Entertainment System

Maybe your partner is a classic gamer, or has fond memories of playing Pokemon in their Gameboy. Or maybe they reminisce a lot on the days of playing Mortal Kombat in an arcade with their friends. Bring back the arcade days with this NES Classic Edition Entertainment System!

There’s 30 pre-installed games on here, ranging from Super Mario Bros to Donkey Kong to Castlevania and so many other retro games that your partner used to love as a kid. It’s one of the most perfect gaming gifts around!

6. Nintendo Joy Con Skins

Does your partner have a Nintendo Switch? Then get them a small gift! Get them joy con skins! There’s so many to choose from, and you can even get them in your partner’s favorite colors. It’s a small gift but it’s so worth it.

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

7. Nintendo Switch Lite

Or, maybe your partner doesn’t have a Switch. Maybe you’re thinking of getting them one, but the regular Switch is expensive, or you both travel a lot. One of the coolest gaming gifts you can get them is a Nintendo Switch Lite! It’s compact, and you can take it wherever you go!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

8. Xbox Adaptive Controller

This adaptive controller is perfect for handicapped individuals. It’s another one of the most thoughtful gaming gifts you can get someone who may be struggling with the regular handheld controllers.

It works with a range of devices, and you can reformat it to adjust to you or your partners needs! There are also gaming mounts that RAM Mounts has collaborated with Microsoft to create. It’s really great, and if your partner has limited mobility, then this adaptive controller is perfect for them.

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

9. Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset

Does your partner need a new headset? This Razer BlackShark V2 Gaming Headset is one of the best in the market, and your gaming partner will definitely love it. Headset make for great gaming gifts, especially if your partner is a streamer!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

10. Video Game A3 Posters 

Those walls are looking a bit barren. Maybe some wall posters will help bring everything together! These A3 video game posters come with a multitude of versions with different games on them. Get them their favorite game franchise!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

11. Paopu Fruit Engagement Ring

Psst! Hey! We won’t tell your partner about this! This is completely between me and you, buddy!

This is undoubtedly one of the best gamings gifts you can get your partner. Are you planning to propose to them, and their favorite game franchise is Kingdom Hearts? Get them this gorgeous engagement ring! There’s several reviewers who have proposed using this ring, and the proposee has said yes! This works!

If you don’t quite understand the significance of the paopu fruit, let me break it down for you quickly. A paopu fruit can be found on the very first world in Kingdom Hearts 1. If two people share a paopu fruit, their lives are intertwined forever. Usually, this means you both eat it, or just share it.

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Now that you know that, go propose to them!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

12. Nintendo Gameboy Wall Art

Does your partner’s walls still look as barren as the Sahara desert? Get this is really cool Gameboy wall art to hang in the back of their streams! It looks cool, and it gives off retro gamer vibes!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

13. Logitech G502 HERO Wired Optical Gaming Mouse

Maybe your gamer partner’s mouse is just simply not cutting it anymore. It’s frustrating them, and it’s equally as frustrating for you to see your partner in this state. Why not get them a new gaming mouse?

This optical gaming mouse is perfect, and goes perfectly with that mouse pad from earlier!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

14. Plastic Zelda Tenor Ocarina 

There’s bound to be some Legend of Zelda stans all around us, and there’s a multitude of gaming gifts you can get your partner if they’re one of these stans. But if they loved Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and they don’t have an ocarina yet? Ooh, that’s a freebie, baby!

If they’re a fan of Ocarina of Time, then they’re bound to love this gift.

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

15. Yeti Midnight Blue + OVERWATCH

Again, it all comes down to streaming or playing video games with friends! Get them a Yeti Midnight Blue mike to really spice up their streaming or videos, if they make any. This version even comes with Overwatch!

Top 15 Gifts to Get For Your Gamer Partner

Gaming gifts are pretty easy things to get someone if their whole life is gaming. They love gaming, and they might plan on getting into the industry someday! These are all wonderful gifts, especially that ring if you’re planning on proposing. I hope your partner loves all their gaming gifts. Happy shopping!

What gaming gifts are you planning on getting for your partner? Let us know!

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