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10 Gifts To Buy Your Boyfriend If You Don’t Know What He Likes

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me then you’re struggling to find a Christmas gift for your boyfriend. Sometimes guys can be so difficult to shop for especially when guys already have everything they need. If your guys like my boyfriend then he’s probably super minimalistic and doesn’t have to have a lot of things to make him happy. This makes Christmas gift shopping for him ten times harder. There are a few basics you could get him that just can’t go wrong.

1. Socks

Socks are one of the best gifts you could get for your boyfriend. There are so many different prints and patterns that you’ll be sure to find socks he will like. You can find socks printed with his favorite show, movie, or even just his favorite animal. Socks are also super practical because you could always use socks. If you get one theme to his favorite things then he’ll be sure to appreciate the thought you put into his Christmas gift.

2. Underwear

Now hear me out on this one. Everyone can use a new pair of underwear and this would be a great way to get your boyfriend a funny gag gift. You can find a lot of different styles of underwear that can have fun prints or designs. There are even sites where you can get matching underwear for you and your boyfriend. This way you can both have a little secret that only you two know about. Underwear is another one of those practical gifts that your boyfriend will appreciate because it’s something he could always use more of. 

3. Mug

This gift is a really fun one because he could always use another mug in his collection. A mug is always a perfect gift to get for your boyfriends because it’s practical and cute. Since there are so many different prints and styles for mugs you’ll always be able to find one that is perfect for him. If you want to go the extra step and make this Christmas gift a little more personal why not go to a ceramics class and make the mug for him yourself. This way he’ll have a thoughtful gift you took the time to make for him and will always remember you when he uses it. 

4. Slippers

A super simple gift to get your boyfriend is a nice pair of comfy slippers. You just can’t go wrong with a nice pair of house slippers. There are different kinds of house slippers you can get that would be perfect for your boyfriend. You can find some that are simple slippers but there are also slippers that have fur on the inside for some extra warmth. There are also some funny slippers like slippers that look like feet or monster shoes that could be a cute gag gift. Either way, your boyfriend is going to love the slippers you give him because it’s something he’ll always be able to use.

5. Bathrobe

A bathrobe is a really cute gift to give to your boyfriend because it’s really comfortable. You could get a bathroom that has a soft plush material for maximum comfort or you could find a bathrobe that is a towel-like material. A bathrobe is something useful that they will always be able to use. You could get matching ones that have your initials or names embroidered into them. They are a pretty inexpensive gift that your boyfriend will be able to use at home all the time. 

6. Headphones

Now, this is a gift nearly anyone would love to get. Headphones or earbuds are a great gift to get for your boyfriend because you can never have too many of them. They are electronic that a lot of us tend to lose or break so it’s good to have extras handy if need be. If he’s a gamer look for the perfect gaming headset that he can use while in-game with friends. If he works out or goes out a lot, get him some wireless earbuds he can just toss in his pockets and carry around when he wants to listen to music. Regardless it’s going to be a really great gift that he will surely love and appreciate because everyone needs a good pair of headphones.

7. Wallet

Now, this gift is a little more based on preference. Some guys don’t even like carrying around a wallet. If you think your boyfriend could use a new wallet then I think this is a great gift idea for him. You could just for a basic leather wallet that he can fit into his pocket that will hold all that he needs. If you get a wallet for him you have to put a dollar in it to give him good luck. It’s a great way to show him you care and want to wish him good prosperity in the future. You could even sneak a cute picture of yourself in there so he can have a photo of you wherever he goes.

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8. Watch

He’s going to love you if you get him a brand new watch. This is a great gift because watches are not only functional but they are a statement piece as well. Watches are a great gift because he’s always going to need one on hand for a fancy event or for everyday wear. 

9. Pajamas

Your boyfriend could always go for a new pair of pajamas. If he’s anything like my boyfriend then he uses his pajamas till they are basically falling apart and he refuses to get new ones. He’s going to love that you’re getting him some new pajamas that are going to be well-loved and used. You can get him matching pajamas so when you have sleepovers you’ll be cute and matching together. There are also a lot of fun designs of maybe his favorite shows or movies that he would really like.

10. Weighted Blanket

Let’s be real this is more of a gift for you than him but he will for sure love it as well. Just be sure this is something he’d enjoy because some people get anxious with that kind of weight on them. Regardless, a weighted blanket is a great gift to get for your boyfriend especially if you can’t always be around because it’s very helpful for when you’re touched deprived. It feels like a big hug that you can sleep with. There are different weights so you can even get him a lighter one just to be sure he likes it.

Which of these gifts are you going to get for your boyfriend? Are there any gifts that you’ve gotten that we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share with your friends so they know what to get their boyfriends for Christmas.

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