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15 Gifts For Your Mom She’ll Actually Want This Holiday Season

Stuck on ideas for gifts for your mom this holiday season? Look no further, these are some simple, yet thoughtful gifts that will be sure to put a smile on any mom’s face.

1. Bag/Purse

Oftentimes, it is not unusual to be in the process of going out to dinner or an event with your mom, only to be stuck waiting for what seems like lifetimes for her to finish stuffing her tiny purse with mountains of items that she ABSOLUTELY NEEDS. A bigger and sturdier bag or purse would be a great gift for your mom. Make sure it is in a style that she would feel comfortable using all year round, and I’m sure she will be grateful to have a home for the millions of tiny accessories and necessities that she just can’t leave the house without.

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2. Jacket

Now, I don’t know about your mother, but my mom is always freezing. It could be a cool spring day and you can bet she’ll be running toward the car as soon as we exit the shelter of a building. With that being said, a jacket for your mom can be a much-appreciated gift. Making sure to keep her style in mind, your mom is bound to smile when opening this one up.

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3. Socks/Slippers

Again, moms are prone to being very cold, which makes socks or slippers such a great gift! Warmly lounging around the house in some comfy slippers is sure to improve her holiday season.

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4. Gift Card

Now, we face the old debate, are gift cards appropriate gifts for your mom, or anyone, for that matter? My answer—why not? Does anybody get a gift card and just not use it? Gift cards are such a unique gift and I am grateful any time I am given one. I say, pick your mom’s favorite store or restaurant, and load it up with 50 bucks. She’ll thank you!

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5. Pictures

Pictures are without question a universal favorite among mothers everywhere. You’re telling me you’ve never seen your mom excitedly reaching to the top of her closet to pull out “the old photo albums”. You’ve never witnessed her while she decorated every inch of the house with photos and frames of you as a baby? Print out a meaningful moment or event and I’m sure your mom will happily hang it up for everyone to see.

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6. Journal

While probably an unexpected option, journals are actually really thoughtful gifts for your mom during the holidays. Mothers have a tough job— with plenty of things to juggle, and sometimes, they just need a space to mentally decompress. Because after all, they are people just like us! So grab one, to let her know, “Everything will be okay.”

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7. Books

BOOKS! An escape from reality—a perfect “thank you for all that you do”. Any mom will appreciate a good book. Look up her favorite genre at your nearby bookstore and wrap it up this Christmas!

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8. Events

I think events are the gift that every mother actually wants. Events can be a bonding experience for you and your loved ones and the time spent together, priceless. Make it special, try something new, laugh together, and watch how much your mom’s eyes light up.

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9. Blanket

I know my mom loves nothing more than to snuggle up under a fuzzy blanket and watch a movie. Take the time to pick out great soft material, something that she’ll want to be wrapped in all winter! To combat the frigid and cold winters to come, blankets are lifesaver gifts for your mom.

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10. Speakers

There’s nothing like some old old jams to have your mom dancing around the house, feeling like herself. I suggest opting for quality and portable speaker, that your mom can take with her anywhere safely and securely. Keep it simple, nothing too complicated!

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11. Movies

If your mom is anything like my mom, then she still has and USES her trusty old DVD player. It may seem outdated but my mom loves nothing more than to pop in a brand new DVD and curl up to watch anything with some drama. I suggest browsing by her favorite actor or genre, buy some candy and popcorn for two, and enjoy a movie the old fashioned way. If your mom prefers the movie theater, that’s another great way to get some quality time with her too!

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12. Dinner

Mothers everywhere will be overjoyed to finally get a break from being the one responsible for getting dinner prepared and on the table. Take her out in style, to any restaurant of her choice, or even surprise her! Try new dishes and indulge in your favorites; spoil her for all that she does. Thoughtful dinners always make smart gifts for you mom—because she deserves, more than anyone in the world, to be wined and dined on!

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13. Shower Set

Pamper your mom this holiday season with the gift of pure, squeaky clean relaxation. Sometimes moms aren’t able to get a second for themselves, so a shower set will seem like a luxury for a mom always on the go. A nice shower gel and a pleasantly scented body cream will have your mom feeling like a brand new woman!

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14. Jewelry

Jewelry! Another universal favorite among moms—however, this one can be tricky! You want to give your mom something that she’ll actually wear, so keep it simple and sweet. Perhaps you can have it engraved with a meaningful name or date, or maybe adorn it with her favorite stone! Whichever you choose, jewelry is always the gifts for your mom that’ll surely put a smile on her face!

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15. Wine

Oh, how my mom loves wine. I think we can agree that for all that our mom does, she deserves nothing more than to sit back with good wine and unwind. Grab a glass for two and catch up, have some laughs, and spend this holiday season letting loose.

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Hopefully, this has given you great ideas for gifts for your mom! Let us know which gift—or gifts—you went with!
Angela Reyes

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