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20 Gifts For Your Boyfriend That He And Your Wallet Will Love

There is no one more difficult to shop for than a boy. They are so simple and some rarely ask for anything they would be fine with watching the football game and drinking a beer. But there are so special occasions where you need to put on your thinking cap and figure out what to buy your man. 

A major problem with buying guy related gifts is the price. Boys are typically more expensive. However, there are ways around that. As always, it’s not the gift that matters it’s the thought that counts and these gifts for your boyfriend will have him jumping up and down. 

1. Cologne

A basic but a goodie. Buy cologne for your boyfriend is a great gift idea. They will use it every day and you get to decide how he smells. While the market has expensive ones, you can’t go wrong with Hollister cologne. The smell is classic and timeless, also it usually is on sale like this Sea Cologne.

2. Bottle Opener

A bottle opener is good for more than just beer. It can be used for sodas and pop too! Most guys have a macho feel when they carry a bottle opener. They are SO cheap and can be purchased almost anywhere. Or if you want to get fancy, ordering a cool bottle opener sign for their apartment is cool too. This one from Etsy is $25 and they saying is super cute and witty. 

3. Something Personalized

Etsy is a great place to get things personalized. They have mugs, pillows, personalized jewelry (for men and women) and more. Getting a mug with a cute saying is a simple gift for your boyfriend but it can also have a lot of meaning. 

4. A Framed Photo

You can’t go wrong with a framed photo of you and your boyfriend. Especially if his apartment/room is lacking photographs of the two of you. Buying a frame and printing a photo is so simple and can cost little to nothing. Your man will definitely appreciate this one. Now, he can look at you every day. This frame definitely has a masculine taste. 

5. Hot Sauce

If your boyfriend likes spicy foods then buy a couple of hot sauces! Hot sauces as a gift might seem lame but they show that you pay attention to things he likes. They can be bought at grocery stores or online if you want to get extra spicy ones. 

6. Sports-Related Clothing

Most guys love sports and like to rep their team’s colors. So getting him anything that has his favorite football, basketball, baseball, etc. team on it, is a perfect gift for your boyfriend. If he is lacking slippers, get his team logo on a pair of slippers. 

7. Workout Stuff

Guys love the gym. So if you want to get them something they will use every day, get them something they use at the gym! If your boyfriend likes to drink protein powder, pick off his favorite or if he likes pre-workout powder, get some of that. If you want to stay on the less expensive side then get him a new shaker bottle for his powders. 

8. Vans

If you have a van loving boyfriend, then this is the gift for you. They aren’t crazy expensive and if you know he will love them, then just save up for a little bit if needed. Vans are a practical gift but he will get a lot of use from them. 

9. Wireless Headphones

If he doesn’t have them, get them! Wireless headphones make a world of a difference. They don’t have to be AirPods either. There are a ton of good wireless headphones out there that aren’t as expensive and he will definitely love them. 

10. Fun Date Planned

A gift doesn’t have to be tangible. It can be a day spent together that you completely planned yourself. Going to a park, enjoying a glass of wine and having a picnic might but the most relaxing gift for your boyfriend. At the end of the day, he most likely wants to spend a day with his girlfriend. 

11. A Yeti

If you can tell your boyfriend isn’t drinking that much water or maybe he’s been wanting one for forever, then get him a Yeti. They are practical and durable, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Every guy needs a Yeti. 

12. Hello Fresh/Food Subscription Box

If you want a gift the both of you can use, then Hello Fresh is the way t0 go. They ship meals right to your doorstep so you and your man can cook a delicious meal together. It beats going out to dinner and spending a fortune. After all, a way to mans heart is through his stomach. 

13. Homemade Candle

This one might require a little more work but it could definitely be fun. If your boyfriend is constantly telling you how good you smell, then make him a candle with your perfume infused in it. That way, when you two are apart he can always have you close. Smells can bring a nostalgic feeling. 

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14. Things I Love About You

For all you mushy girlfriends, this one is for you. Fill up a notebook or a mason jar with different things/reasons why you love your boyfriend. Each day he can read something new and remember why you make him happy. It’s a sweet gesture from the heart. 

15. Scrapbook

If you have a ton of photos of your boyfriend and you that you want to put together, then put them in a scrapbook! Scrapbooks are a great gift for your boyfriend. You can get as creative as you want and it shows the time and effort you are willing to put in for him. This is something he can always look back on. Or you can upload your photos to a website and they will make one for you, it’s that easy. 

16. Body Pillow

If long distance has become a part of your relationship, getting a body pillow for your boyfriend is a great gift. It’s much better sleeping next to that special someone at night but if its not an option every night then a body pillow will give them something to cuddle. 

17. Concert Tickets

Music festivals and concerts are so much fun and it’ll be a gift you and your boyfriend can do together. Sometimes they can be really pricey but even the nosebleed seats aren’t bad. It’s something you guys can experience as a couple. Groupon always has the best deals for concert tickets if you are looking for a discount. 

18. Photograph Blankets

Putting a photo of the two of you on a blanket is a cozy idea. Every night, your boyfriend will reach for his blanket before bed and will see your face. Photo websites always have discounts so you won’t be breaking the bank with this gift idea. 

19. Speaker

Speakers can be a great gift for your boyfriend. If he loves to listen to music and is constantly playing it out loud then a speaker is perfect for him. It’ll get used that’s for sure. Many speakers are on the cheaper side so don’t splurge on a Bose just yet. 

20. Massage

This can be really inexpensive if you know what I mean. Or maybe you actually want to gift your man with an hour long massage at a nearby day spa. Groupon is a great place to look and get deals. They are always advertising for spas. Massages are really relaxing so this will be a great gift for your boyfriend. 

If you’re looking for a good gift for your boyfriend for any occasion, give him ones of these. These gifts will definitely show your appreciation for your man. You can go sentimental or practical, depending on what he will like more. If you get your boyfriend one of these gifts, leave a comment down below telling us if he liked it or not!

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