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10 Gifts For The Friend Who Has Everything

10 Gifts For The Friend Who Has Everything

Some people have everything. It seems like every time you get them a gift, they already have it. Some friends (and family) can be so difficult to shop for. If you know someone like that, you’ve come to the right place for ideas. Hopefully one of these ten gifts for a friend suggestions will be something you can use.

Subscription Gifts

There are so many options out there for subscriptions. More magazines than I can name. It doesn’t matter if the person you are shopping for is into sports, drinking, cartoons, cars, sex (Cosmo magazine), or movies. There’s a subscription magazine for that.

If your friend is into food, there’s a subscription for that. You can get flowers delivered regularly or books.


You can even set your friend up to receive clothes on a regular basis. There are multiple places you can get clothes from. Personally, I love Stitch Fix. I get my shipments on the schedule I choose and only keep what I want. They seem to have my style down pretty well! It’s great for someone who’s open and willing to try some new styles but doesn’t know where to start.

Pay For An Event

If your friend likes to go out on the town, offer to pay for a night out. Take them to the movies, to a concert, to some type of festival or even a play. Take them out for an evening of fun, drinks and girl talk. Taking a friend out is one of the greatest gifts for a friend.

Sometimes the friend who has everything could really use a night out with her friends!


10 Gifts For The Friend Who Has Everything

Pay For A Memorable Trip

Does your friend have a dream vacation? Is there somewhere she always wanted to go?

For example, my dream vacation was to go see the house Jesse James was shot in and to see his grave. It was, literally, bucket list items number 1 and 2. Along the way, I added a few extra stops and truly made it a dream vacation. While I didn’t break the bank to make the vacation happen, it wasn’t cheap. Had I had someone help me pay for it, it may have allowed me to pack even more adventure in! (It also would have been one of the ultimates gifts for a friend!)


If you have a friend who would like a vacation like that, or one as simple as a day trip to see the waterfall she spent her summers at, offer to pay for some of it. Hell, offer to go with her! Let her become the tour guide and show you some of her favorite places.

Gift Cards To Their Favorite Store

Everyone likes gift cards. Everyone uses them. If you know they like a certain store, but struggle to find something they don’t have, you can always count on them liking a gift card. That way, they can get something they need or something they’ve had their eye on, but maybe haven’t had the money to pick up yet. Gift cards aren’t great gifts for a friend. They’re great gifts for everyone.


When all else fails, there’s cash. Universal spending option they can take anywhere. You don’t have to worry about finding a store they want to shop at. You don’t have to worry about them not being able to use it because there isn’t a location near them.


Cash means they can use it as they need it. If they need gas, but you gave them a gift card for Menard’s, it doesn’t help much. If they need new work clothes, but you gave them a gift card for Home Depot, it doesn’t help much.

Cash. The universal gift. Works everywhere at any time.

10 Gifts For The Friend Who Has Everything


Personalized Gifts

For the sentimental friend, there are always personalized gifts. I LOVE getting things my friends thought I’d enjoy or things they’ve personalized to me. Meaningful phrases or things that remind them of me.

I love to do this same thing for my friends. When I find little things that make me think of them, I love to pick them up.

If your friend enjoys sugar skulls, find some unique sugar skull decorations or unique sugar skull items. I just so happened to come across a very beautiful sugar skull tart warmer for a friend once. She was stoked!

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Personalized gifts are one of the sweetest types of gifts for a friend who has everything.

Homemade Gifts

For Christmas one year, I made candle scent for my best friend. Since I’m a candlemaker, I tried my hand at creating my own scent. I did surprisingly well and named it after her. It was called “Angel Friend.” She absolutely loved it! Not everyone can do this, but it’s just an example!


You could write a poem, make candles, make a blanket or scarf, make a scrapbook of your friendship, or of a vacation, they took as a kid, if you can collaborate with their family to get old photos!


Everyone likes saving money. Especially moms. So if you have a friend who likes buying in bulk, maybe a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club is the way to go. She can use it over and over again for a year, and save her family money every time she does.

Maybe she’s been talking about joining a gym, or rec center. Get her that membership! Get yourself one to go with it and help support her. Get both of you in great shape and find yourselves with extra confidence to boost! Health is one of the most fabulous kinds of gifts for a friend.


10 Gifts For The Friend Who Has Everything


Busy friend? Mom? If they seem like they’re always on the go, you can give them the option of having services come to their home and help. Get them a maid service for a period of time. Give them some help outside with landscaping assistance. Get them someone who can come in and help the kids after school with homework and make dinner for her so that she can put her feet up after a long day. Just find her help. Most won’t admit they need it, but everyone will appreciate it.

Do you have a friend who seems to have everything? What do you get them for their birthday and Christmas? Help us with a few more suggestions in the comments!

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