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25 Gifts For People Who Love Tea All Under $25

25 Gifts For People Who Love Tea All Under $25

Have you been looking for the perfect gift for your friends who love tea? Look no further, we have a list of 25 gifts under $25 for your fave tea lovers!

If you’re in search of gifts for people who love tea, you’ve come to the right place! Tea – it’s the world’s most consumed beverage (aside from water) whether hot, iced, sweet, or unsweetened, and it isn’t going anywhere. Tea has many forms: black tea, green tea (which has many health benefits btw), white tea, herbal tea, flavored teas – the list goes on. As such, there are many, many gifts made for the tea lovers in your life, many of which are fairly cheap. If you have family members or friends who love tea (and let’s face it, everybody does) or even if you love tea, then you need look no further for your holiday or birthday shopping guide. Keep reading, because below are 25 gifts for people who love tea all under $25!

1. This Mr. Coffee Alderton Tea Kettle.

Every tea drinker needs a classic stove top whistling kettle, and this is a good item to start, or to add to the collection. Available on Amazon, the Mr. Coffee Alderton tea kettle is stainless steel and holds 2.3 quarts, and is dishwasher safe. This tea kettle comes in a lovely teal-green or bright red color and an elegant twisted design, a treat for any tea lover.


2. This Old Dutch Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot.

Don’t get confused. A tea kettle and a teapot are not the same thing. A teapot is what you pour the hot water from the tea kettle in to steep the tea. So what’s better than a stylish cast iron teapot to hold the sacred liquid? The Old Dutch Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot, also available on Amazon, is a beautiful gift that comes in 20 ounces and has a variety of color options. The pot is also lined with porcelain so as not to affect the flavor of the tea while the cast iron keeps your tea nice and hot.

3. A convenient FORLIFE Curve Tall Tea Mug with a built-in infuser.

Of course, to drink tea, one needs a tea mug. What better mug than one that comes with an infuser? Available on Amazon for $19.63, the FORLIFE Curve Tall Tea Mug with a built-in infuser is just what the tea drinker on-the-go needs. It also comes in a variety of colors and even features a lid to avoid spills. Sometimes you just don’t have enough time for a whole pot of tea, and with this mug, you can put the amount of tea you want in the infuser and steep it in the mug, a perfect cup for the rush to work!


4. This hilarious Fred & Friends MR. TEA Infuser.

Sometimes the plain old metal basket tea infuser isn’t enough to brighten up your tea. That’s where this little guy comes in handy. The Fred & Friends MR. TEA tea infuser is made of silicone and shaped like a little man. The tea goes in his legs, which are full of holes, and he hangs onto the rim of the mug with his arms: a tiny man enjoying a hot tub of tea after a long day’s work.



5. A handy-dandy Teavana Perfect-Serving Tea Spoon.

If you or the tea lover in your life has ever complained about not being able to get the measurement of tea just right, then this is a perfect gift. Available on Amazon for $11.29, the Teavana Perfect Tea Spoon is specially designed to give the user the perfect measurement of tea so it’s not too strong but it’s not too weak, either. This is one of the cutest gifts for people who love tea!


6. A mess-free Norpro Stainless Steel Tea Bag Squeezer.

Anybody who uses teabags instead of loose leaf tea will find the Norpro Tea Bag Squeezer invaluable. Priced at $5.60 on Amazon, this neat little tool is just what it says – and tea bag squeezer. You use it to squeeze the tea bag when you’re removing it to get every last drop of the delicious liquid. Out of all the gifts for people who love tea, this one is definitely necessary!

7. This pretty Vintage Silver Tea Spoon Bookmark.

Anyone who drinks tea probably reads books, too. They probably drink tea while reading said books, what’s more. As such, the Vintage Silver Tea Spoon Bookmark, available on Etsy for $13, is perfect for those tea-drinking book readers. It is simply a little silver tea spoon folded over to act as a bookmark – you can even get it engraved with a small phrase or word, such as “Fell asleep here.” Delightful!


8. This adorable Snail Tea Bag Holder.

You read that right, but it’s not what you’re thinking. These cute little snail-shaped devices are made of silicone and come in a variety of colors. They clip onto the rim of your mug with their heads sticking up so you can wrap the string of your tea bag around them to prevent them from falling in, all for a measly $6 on Etsy.


9. An Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box to hold all their tea bags.

If you’re like me and like organization, then this elegant and simple tea box is just for you. The Oceanstar Bamboo Tea Box, available on Amazon for $15, is made of bamboo with a glass window on the lid to see into the box. Eight compartments offer ample room for a variety of teas, either loose leaf or bags, and its light weight and smooth, rectangular design make it easy to move and store.

10. These pretty Teavana Perfectea Rock Sugars.

Sometimes the regular old refined white sugar just isn’t enough to sweeten up your favorite cup of tea – that’s where this product comes in. Teavana Perfectea Rock Sugar comes in a pound for $8.50 and is unrefined German rock sugar made from beets rather than sugar cane and appears brown-golden in color. The chunks of sugar can be ground up or added whole to a pot of tea or an individual cup, sweetening the tea without affecting the flavor.


11. A Best Electric Tea Kettle for when they don’t have access to a stove top.

Occasionally, one may find themselves lacking a stove to boil their tea water upon – that’s where the Best Electric Tea Kettle comes in handy. $19.99 on Amazon, this electric kettle is perfect for a cup of tea when traveling or when a stove just isn’t available. The kettle is cordless, so an outlet is not required either. It holds up to 2 liters of water, has an auto-shutoff feature, and is quite stylish.



12. This adorable and trendy “tea” shirt.

Every tea drinker needs some tea clothes, so here is a tea shirt – get it? It’s literally a tee shirt that displays a lovely cup of tea, which says tea on it, and below it says shirt – tea shirt. Out of all the gifts for people who love tea, this is definitely the most fashionable!


13. The Art and Craft of Tea: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Selecting, Brewing, and Serving Exquisite Tea by Joseph Wesley Uhl.

This wonderful hardcover edition of Joseph Wesley Uhl’s book, The Art and Craft of Tea: An Enthusiast’s Guide to Selecting, Brewing, and Serving Exquisite Tea, is available on Amazon for $21.45 and is worth every penny for a tea enthusiast. The book details the history of tea, the uses of tea, the production of tea, the brewing of tea, and much more – everything a tea lover could hope to learn about tea in one book.

14. A Gold Teapot Lapel Pin they can wear with pride.

This neat little teapot-shaped lapel pin, available on Etsy for $8, is both stylish and rustic – it can complement a nice suit or dress, or could even be used as a tie pin or scarf holder. It makes a lovely small gift or stocking-stuffer for anyone who enjoys tea.


15. This Tea Kettle Keychain they can clip to their keys.

This $6 keychain, available on Etsy, is a simple charm a tea drinker would love to add to his or her keyring.


16. One of these super cute Knitted Tea Mug Cozies.

A homemade tea mug cozy only costs $9 on Etsy! The cozies are made of wool yarn and slips right around a standard tea mug. They’re adorable and provide protection for the drinker’s hands. A lovely gift for a tea drinker.

17. This hilarious Tea Rex Jurassic Park Mug.

An amusing mug, this “tea rex” Jurassic Park mug is just $7 on Amazon! This is the perfect gift for any tea or dinosaur enthusiast. It features the classic Jurassic Park logo, except that the t-rex is humorously wearing a top hat.


18. These adorable Disney Wonderland Tea Honey Spoons.

Looking for a richer, more flavorful way to sweeten your tea? The Disney Wonderland Tea Honey Spoons is perfect for your needs. Priced at $23.20 on Amazon for a set of 8, these honey spoons – wooden sticks stuck in spoon-shaped hardened globs of honey – are great for dipping in a hot cup of tea.

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19. Some delicious Nature’s Kick Floral Honeystix (50 ct.).

Nature’s Kick Floral Honeystix are simply small plastic tubes of 100% pure honey, easy to open and pour right into your tea. Priced at $10.45 for 50 (though quantity options are available,) these honey sticks are easy to store and are an easy and cheap way to add sweetness and richness to anyone’s cup of tea. An ideal sugar substitute when it comes to gifts for people who love tea!


20. These Elegance Silver Sugar Tongs perfect for entertaining.

Any self-respecting tea drinker needs a decent pair of tongs for their sugar cubes! These simple and elegant tongs cost only $8.46 on Amazon. When it comes to gifts for people who love tea, these flashy tongs are basically a #must!

21. This affordable Anchor Hocking Presence Sugar Bowl.

This sturdy glass sugar bowl is the perfect gift, whether you prefer loose sugar or cubed. Priced at $11.29 on Amazon, the Anchor Hocking Presence Sugar Bowl is a high quality, clear glass bowl with a lid and feels quite heavy in the hand. This bowl is a nice gift for anyone obsessed with tea – A sugar bowl is one of the most necessary gifts for people who love tea, duh!


22. A Cuisinox Cream and Sugar Set that will wow their tea party.

The Cuisinox Cream and Sugar set on Amazon is a lovely 5-piece collection and costs $15.19. The set contains a sugar bowl with a lid and spoon, a creamer, and a platter, all made of stainless steel. It is a simply elegant gift for the tea lover in your life.


23. A helpful FORLIFE Hook Handle Tea Infuser and Dish Set.

This FORLIFE tea infuser, $12.99 on Amazon, is solid meshed metal featuring a hooked handle that hooks onto the rim of the mug to avoid sinking and also comes with a small dish to sit it on after use, so you can avoid the countertop stains.

24. This Teapot Poster.

These teapot prints are available on amazon for $12! They are lovely pieces of art to have on the dining room or kitchen wall, lending a homey yet classy feel to the atmosphere.


25. A Cute Reusable Tea Strainer Bag 

These tea bags are super cute and available on amazon for just $1.50! They are another perfect for a tea lover, and might even inspire that person to give gifts of tea in return.


*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Awesome gifts for people who love tea!
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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.