52 Gifts For College Students Under $50

Are you stuck trying to think of great gifts for the college students in your life? It’s a fact that the older your kids get, the harder it becomes to shop for them. It’s even harder to find gifts they’ll like that are also affordable! With constantly changing interests and style, shopping for college kids can sometimes leave you clueless! So why not pick out something from this 50 gifts for college students under $50 list that you cannot go wrong with? Below are a ton of great options that are useful, motivational, or just super unique and will leave their roomies saying, “Where did you find that?!”

1. Bluetooth Speaker String Lights to really make a room sparkle.

2-in-1 products are perfect for college students with limited time and space. These lights will give a room light and sound at the same time! These are some of the best gift ideas for college students because they’ll instantly make any dorm room more cozy.

2. Nutella recipe book, because who isn’t a fan of Nutella?

Because who doesn’t eat Nutella in college? Nutella will always top the list of the best gifts for college students. No going wrong here, I promise.

3. A Prescription For Coffee

It’s no lie that college students basically run on coffee. This cute mug is perfect for avid coffee drinkers who will definitely get a kick out of it! Pair with some K-cups or some delicous ground coffee.


4. Unbreakable Tumblers

The key word here is unbreakable. How many college students do you know that have broken something? Answer: probably too many. #MustHave gifts for college students!


5. Bluetooth Tracking Tag so they’ll never lose their wallet or keys again.

Question two: How many college students do you know that have lost their keys? This tag will work with an app on your phone via Bluetooth to help your student track down those pesky dorm keys.

6. A College Planner to keep track of everything important.

Chances are she could use a little help getting organized.

7. A great pair of sneakers to get motivated to workout.

Because there are plenty of times when college students need a little extra motivation to get to the gym.

8. A Mini Waffle Maker that’s perfect for the dorm.

For those mornings when the dining hall just won’t cut it.

9. A Travel Duffle Bag

College students are always traveling. Therefore weekender bags are perfect for students traveling for the weekend, visiting friends or family etc.


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10. A Lava Lamp to bring back the 70s.

For when your student feels like staring aimlessly into space… or in this case, lava.

11. Call Your Mother Mug, so you never forget again.

…to remind them in a friendly, subtle way.


12.  Scratch-off Map for a fun way to display where you’ve been.

To document their travels throughout the best years of their life.

13. Portable, Stackable Food Containers for easy prepared meals.

All college students have those occasional marathon days where they barely have time to eat. Help them out with something that’s easily transported from class to work to the library.

14. A Microwave Popcorn Popper for instant delicious popcorn.

This handy popcorn popper will save your college student serious money on bagged popcorn. Perfect for popping some fresh popcorn and adding your favorite toppings like drizzled oil and Parmesan cheese or a sprinkling of cinnamon!


15. Cute coin bank to upgrade from the good old piggy bank.

…that will hopefully kick-start their savings.

16. The perfect reading light for late night studying.

Now your student has no excuse to not study, even in the dark. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled.

17. A portable lipstick charger for those long lectures.

Now your girl can make up for lost time… get it… make up… heh.

18. A cute travel mug so you always have coffee on hand.

For the over-exhausted student who needs to become over-caffeinated, fast.

  Every college student will appreciate a travel mug to help them stay awake on the go.

19. Surprise them with a monogrammed tote bag.

To travel between home and school in style.

20. Q&A A Day 5-Year Journal

To help keep track of every single college memory.

21. A book every college student can relate to.

Because Ramen noodles are the (unfortunate) staple food of college and can get extremely boring.

22. Tablet stand so they can watch movies on their tablet in bed.

Dropping your phone on your face is annoying enough, so imagine dropping your tablet on your face. But your student can avoid it all with this nifty stand!

23. An emergency grooming kit that’s perfect for weekend getaways.

Because sometimes boys in college need to try a little harder with personal care.

24. A jewelry dish so it’s all organized in one place.

Organization in a dorm is key to maximize the already limited space. A little jewelry dish can sit right on your student’s desk or dresser instead of all her jewelry being sprawled out everywhere.

25. Cute throw pillows to spice up the dorm.

Give your student the gift of decor and relaxation at the same time.

26. Dry-Erase Wall Decal for friendly reminders.

So it will be impossible to forget any things to do, like calling you.

27. A gift for the know-it-all

We all have that one person in our lives that we immediately think of when we see this mug. Buy it. Buy it now.

28. Roadmap: The Get-It-Together Guide, because every student needs extra advice.

Any words of wisdom make great gifts for college students.

29. A monogram glitter ornament that’s perfect for the holidays.

These cute little ornaments will give your student a sense of home and holiday cheer when they’re away at school. They would also make great stocking stuffers!

30. This world map alarm clock is perfect if they study abroad.

For those college students consumed by wanderlust… or the snooze button.

31. A mini first aid kit for any dorm room emergencies.

College students can be clumsy. Band aids can turn into best friends.

32. Upgrade from a boring calendar to a positive one!

Ring in 2018 with positivity (and stickers)!

33. A Photo Hanging Kit for all those nostalgic moments from home.

Dorms are plain and boring, and decorating with pictures of friends and family is a must.

Hanging up photos of loved ones is a great way to decorate a dorm room.

34. The Pizza Bible, for those who are tired of the same old pizza.

Who needs delivery anymore?

The Pizza Bible: The World's Favorite Pizza Styles, from Neapolitan, Deep-Dish, Wood-Fired, Sicilian, Calzones and Focaccia to New York, New Haven, Detroit, and more by [Gemignani, Tony]

35. Who doesn’t like Dream Catchers?

So your student has a pretty room and sweet dreams.

36. A Computer-Powered Fan that’s perfect for the desk.

You know – to keep them calm, cool and collected.


37. Flashing Lights Wireless Cube Speaker to liven up the next party.

Your student will bring the lights, the music, and therefore the party.

38. An iPhone Bike Mount for their next ride.

…But don’t text and bike.

39. Eat Pretty: Nutrition for Beauty, Inside and Out by Jolene Hart, because college students need help in the nutrition department from time to time.

This book will help her curb those college cravings and stay feeling fresh throughout the year.

40. This cute Super Mario Bros. Checker + Tic-Tac-Toe set.

For all the college gamers.


41. An Inspirational Notebook for all of their writing and doodles.

To give your student some motivation while she undoubtedly doodles.

42. A Phone Storage Workout Bottle that’s perfect for the treadmill.

Your in-shape student will never have to be annoyed by their phone at the gym again. This is durable and convenient.

43. A Bedside Storage Caddy because dorm space is limited.

Anything that creates more space for more shit is the perfect gift for college students, plain and simple.

Oalas Bed Bedside Storage Mattress Book Remote Caddy Organizer (1, Black)

44. Makeup Organizer for the one with too much makeup.

Help your makeup lover keep all her prized possessions safe and organized.


45. Mario Badescu Shaving Kit for the ultimate shave.

To leave him feeling like a million bucks before his next presentation.

Mario Badescu Men's Grooming Basics

46. A Travel Pillow

This travel pillow is perfect for the traveling college student. Whether by train, plane or car, this awesome pillow forms to the neck and has extra chin support for maximum comfort.


47. Ticket Stub Diary

The perfect gift for any student who loves concerts to remember their best memories in college.

  Give your concert lover a nice place to put their prized stubs.

48. A motivational paperweight for all of their assignments.

Remind your student that you’re always cheering them on from home. These make great gifts for college students who are constantly *weighed down* by their assignments!

49. A marble notebook because they can’t have too many.

Because your student can’t just have one notebook!

50. Cute bathroom mat for positive thoughts.

Give your student some positive thoughts in the morning, starting with their very first steps.

51. A Page-A-Day Calendar to start their day with.

It will have them wondering how the year flew by so fast, without ever forgetting what day it is.

52. A Pair of New Prescription Shades from 39 Dollar Glasses.

Do they face the constant battle of trying to see (especially when the sun is blinding) while staying on trend with everyone else? Prescription wearers, rejoice! It is possible to be totally fashionable and practical at the same time. With so many customizable options, 39 Dollar Glasses can suit each individual’s needs and style!


Do you have any other great ideas for gifts for college students? Share in the comments!


These gifts for college students under $50 are such great ideas!

50 Gifts For College Students Under $50

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