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Gifts For Anniversaries Based on The Year of The Anniversary

Anniversaries are an integral part of relationships. These annual milestones are celebrated, mainly because we live in a fast pace and time-consuming world. We often do not stop celebrating our achievements and owe it to ourselves to stop and enjoy our accomplishments once in a while. Some may think that a marriage or relationship is not something you need to consider an accomplishment, but it is. A marriage or relationship requires work, dedication, time, and communication. It is not always easy to keep things going or to exert energy into something else when we often are spread so thin, but relationships are so important to us and who we are as human beings. I have been married for fourteen years, and I love the tradition of celebrating each year with a particular theme. Each anniversary gift for every year has a particularly given gift idea. Below, I have the first 10 years, but you can always look up more years and ideas online. So jump in with us and find out what gifts you can give for anniversaries based on the year of the anniversary!

1. Year One: Paper

The first year of the marriage anniversary theme is paper. There are a lot of ideas you can do for the paper. I love the popup cards that can look like bouquets or have a Disney Theme. is a great place to get specialty cards with a 3D design and give something extra special to that person you love. 

2.  Year Two: Cotton

Cotton is the option for the second anniversary. This one can be fun and cute. You can choose to get a personalized shirt or get unique bedding that declares his and her side based on whatever theme you prefer. There are many designs on the market; you can choose from Mickey and Minnie, a traditional theme, or something entirely different. You can even go as far as to design your pillowcases for each of you for your designated side of the bed. It makes it more personalized and allows you to show your partner that you know what they like as well. I love the “His Beauty, Her Beast” theme pillowcases because we share a bond over Beauty And The Beast. You can look for something that speaks to you and your relationship online. Check Target, Amazon, Walmart, and for more his and her pillowcase and bedding designs.

3.  Year Three: Leather

The third year of marriage is leather. There are several ideas for this one depending on your mate’s interests. You can choose to get a personalized wallet, keychain, and even a leather bracelet. There are customized wallets with etched photos that are beautiful, but you can also choose a bracelet to pick some of the elements that go into the design and final product. What is so great about the leather bracelet is that it works for anyone regardless of gender. Try Etsy, Oak & Luna, or even If you look online, the options are endless, and the designs are unique!

4. Year Four: Fruit or Flowers

Year four is all about fruit or flowers. There are endless options for fruit and flowers. Some options will combine the two ideas or concepts. Try edible arrangements for a fabulous fruit bouquet. There are fruits shaped like flowers and presented in a vase as a bouquet. Present the fruit bouquet with actual flowers or use Proflowers to send these treats to your loved one with a personalized card, and you can add other things with it, such as a balloon and or stuffed animal.

5. Year Five: Wood

Wood is the option for year five. There are great options for wood; the ideas are nearly unlimited for this one. You could make a personalized gift for your significant other, or you can find a gift online that is wood-related. Some options would be a wooden jewelry box, personalized wood photo, statue, jewelry, nameplate, and so much more. If your significant other fancies a chess game, you can find a wooden chess set crafted in various colors. One gift I found unique is a wooden ring holder engraved with the date of marriage. It is a beautiful choice for each of your nightstands and gives you a safe place to keep your ring when you take it off to shower or work with your hands and don’t want your ring to get damaged. Visit to see more.

6. Year Six:  Candy or Iron

These two things differ quite a bit, so it is up to you which one you want to honor for this year. However, you can combine the two by presenting an iron box with a special candy you know your loved one would enjoy. I think the personalized M&M candy is a great option to give a stand-out sweet treat. You can get your names, the day you got married, or even your faces put on the candy. Go to or to see more. Keep in mind that you can also find personalized Hershey Kisses at if you do not want M&M candy. Also, be sure to check out for adorable heart canisters and personalized M&M designs. 

7. Year Seven: Wool or Copper

Depending on what you are going for and what your partner would like more, you can choose from various copper jewelry items, decor items, and more. There are lovely copper cuff bracelets on the market, and Bradford Exchange sells a solid copper cuff bracelet with potential antiviral power. While you may not believe in the power behind the bracelet, the design is charming, with a rose in the center. You can also go for something personalized in the wool department, such as a sweater, scarf, or cozy. You can always choose to go the fleece route for wool or get something that falls into a similar idea for wool gifts. There are fantastic custom blankets that you can personalize and put photos on. Try to see more details. However, if you are looking for something stylish to wear, a copper necklace, cuff bracelet, bangle, or pendant may be the perfect option. Try Bradford Exchange or for some fantastic design options.

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8. Year Eight: Pottery or Bronze

As you know, you can get a lot of great items in bronze, but pottery may be more up your alley if you have opted for many metal items in the previous years. Remember, you can always combine the two or get two gifts that match each of these options. You may want to try a custom vase or make a vase yourself to give flowers for pottery. You can also make something else in a pottery shop that you know your loved one will enjoy. You can paint and customize it to your liking rather than purchasing a premade one. One gift that I found is made explicitly for the 8th anniversary, and it is stunning. A custom photo and lyric song canvas in bronze were designed by a talented artist named nellyscustomart on It is a stunning piece that both of you can enjoy for a long time!  Check out the page here to see the pricing and additional information. 

9. Year Nine: Willow or Pottery

We already discussed pottery above. For this section, we will focus on willow-inspired gifts. Willow tree stumps are often carved with designs, names, dates, and more. You can purchase a wall plaque, engraved photo, nameplate, or more. You can also get something that is inspired by design rather than containing the willow. For example, a resin willow tree trunk with your names etched in it with your anniversary is an excellent idea for a gift. Try for more information.

10.  Year Ten: Tin or Aluminum

Tin or Aluminum is relatively easy to come across when looking for gifts for each other. If you both enjoy wine or want to celebrate with some wine, a personalized wine chiller may be a great idea to present to your significant other while you relax together. While silver is not written for any specific year, you can pass it off for the in or aluminum wedding anniversary gift and opt to get something a bit different. Try the for a fantastic bouquet of silver roses in a silver box. Of course, you can change the color of the box or roses if you want only to have one of them be silver. Regardless of your choice, the presentation of the box and flowers is stunning and makes a beautiful anniversary gift.

No matter what year you are celebrating, be sure to take time out for one another and acknowledge your journey together. If you like the gift ideas for anniversaries, be sure to share the list with others and look for more inspiring gift ideas to come. Remember to be kind, be thankful, and most of all spread the love!

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