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8 Gift Ideas When You’re Told Not To Bring A Thing

Ever have the situation when you’re invited to someone’s house but they tell you “You don’t need to bring anything”, “Please don’t bring anything”. Although they say that, you know you must bring something. But the question is – what to bring? Here are 8 gift ideas when you’re told not to bring a thing.

1. Flowers

When you first enter someone’s house, carrying flowers is a great look. The host will be pleasantly surprised with a bouquet of flowers. The host won’t matter whether it is big or small. You don’t need to buy the most expensive bunch at the florist. You can choose a small bouquet at the supermarket. Just make sure the flowers look and are packaged nice!

2. Chocolate

Chocolates may be the easiest gift when you’re told not to bring a thing. The choices are endless. It is the perfect gift idea that screams ‘Thank you for inviting me, this is for you’ gift. The host can either hide them away so no one can try and eat them. Or, the host has the option to put them out with coffee and tea at the end of the night.

3. Candles

Candles are a great gift idea as they can be the perfect addition to someone’s house. All candles are reasonable priced, so the host will know you have put in some thought. There is the off chance the host may think you’re giving the hint their house smells. But, it is the thought that counts. Candles are aesthetically pleasing and smell nice!

4. Books

Books may not be the first idea that comes to mind when thinking of a gift idea for a host. But, books are a great option for the choice. You can choose a topic the host may be interested on, to a coffee table book they can add to their collection.

5. Wine

Wine is something that can be shared with other guests. Offering the bottle of wine at dinner and to pour the glasses for other can take the pressure off the hosts. It is also the perfect ice breaker. Just remember, a bottle of wine is the top pick. Don’t go to a house with a six pack of beer. Dependent on the event, wine is a very classy option.

6. Baked Goods

Baking a delicious slice, a batch of biscuits to bliss balls is a great gift idea to thank your host. Remember to make sure to be clear with your host that the baked goods are just for them! No taking it out at dessert and then stealing the show from the house. If you’re not a great baker, maybe refer to the chocolate idea or grab nicely packaged baked goods at the supermarket.  

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7. Herb Pot

An herb pot is a quirky gift idea for the host that loves something different. Just like flowers, a host will be surprised when receiving an herb pot. The difference is, an herb pot is something the host will be able to use for their cooking and can last a long time (if they keep up the maintenance). Just remember – make sure it is packaged nicely, as it is a gift!

8. A Dish

Lastly if you are racking your brain with ideas and you really don’t know what to bring. Bring a dish. Only under a couple of conditions. Make sure the host knows you are bringing something and be insistent. Don’t spend lots of time as you don’t want to upstage the host! Great dish ideas include bread and dips, or an entrée.

This is a list of 8 gift ideas when you’re making your brain tired of thinking what to give a host. A host will love each idea and will be surprised when you come through the door with it. Let us know whether you decided to bring one of these gifts! Share with use in the comments below if you have any other gift ideas!

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