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12 Gift Ideas For Your Picky Significant Other

If you’re having trouble coming up with gift ideas for that special someone, we’ve got your back! These gifts are versatile yet vague enough to make your person happy. Stop scratching your head and look through our list of 12 gift ideas that will make your super picky significant other’s day!

1. Neck Back Massager With Heat

If you know someone who struggles with aches and pains, this neck back massager with heat is the perfect gift for them! With three intensity levels and eight rotation massage nodes, the back massager is bound to provide the utmost levels of comfort and relaxation. Additionally, this product isn’t just designed for your back – you can use it on your waist, legs, neck, shoulders… Really any body part! Just fit the bands around your arms or legs and it’ll work for any problematic area.

2. Concert Tickets

Go for an experience rather than a tangible gift by getting your loved one concert tickets! If you know their favorite bands/artists, keep your eyes peeled for any tour announcements and jump on the opportunity to grab tickets. This will be an amazing way for you and your partner to bond over a shared experience while enjoying some of their favorite music. You can even go the extra mile by booking an Airbnb or hotel and exploring a new city for the weekend.

3. Chain Necklace

It’s easy to pick up a cheap necklace anywhere on the internet, but consider spending a little extra money by getting your partner a really nice chain! Chain necklaces are a simple fashion staple that go with any outfit. They aren’t too flashy or tacky, so even the pickiest people are bound to fall in love with this gift. Figure out if your partner likes silver or gold better, then grab the corresponding jewelry finish. You can go for a clunkier Cuban link chain, or something thinner and more subtle.

4. Open When Jar

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this gift idea is super cute and bound to make your partner smile. Create an ‘open when’ jar by filling the jar with different sticky note reminders for your significant other to open when they feel a certain way. For example, pink sticky notes can represent “when you need to smile,” yellow sticky notes can represent “when you want to read our memories,” blue sticky notes can represent “when you feel sad”… You can get as creative as you want with this! The DIY vibe of this gift will make it both personal and romantic.

5. Defrosting Board

If your partner loves to cook, consider getting them a defrosting board! Rather than rinsing your meat with hot water or throwing it in the microwave, you can simply place your frozen meat on the board and it’ll thaw out within 30-60 minutes! This is a great way to retain the flavor of your meats while saving yourself the extra time and effort it takes the defrost it. Additionally, the tray doesn’t require any process of preheating – you just put your meat on there and wait for it to defrost. Your loved one will definitely appreciate this gift.

6. Roomba

On the side of convenience, consider getting your picky partner a Roomba! The Roomba is a smart vacuum that operates entirely on its own, meaning you don’t have to get your hands dirty! The Roomba is equipped with smart detection so it can sensor the dirt and grime that needs to get cleaned up. Alongside this, you can operate your Roomba from any location with the compatible app! Just hook the app up to your machine, and you can specify the room you want to clean as well as the general area. You can easily send the Roomba back to its charging place by pressing the home button on the app, and it’ll automatically hook up and start to recharge. Everyone needs a Roomba in their lives.

7. Foot Mask

Is your partner on their feet all day? Consider getting them a foot mask! This thoughtful gift will help your partner shed the dead skin on their feet while providing them with utmost relaxation. Simply slip your feet into the mask, secure it around your ankle, and let it sit for about 10-20 minutes before removing. It’s that simple, and your partner will be thanking you when their feet are feeling soothed and brand new.

8. Polaroid Camera

Who doesn’t love capturing their moments in pictures? A polaroid camera is bound to make even the pickiest person happy. This gift can double over as a romantic one as you and your partner can take it with you on all your adventures and snap cute photos to put in scrapbooks and on your walls. The instant effect of polaroid cameras adds to the convenience of the gift as well, as you’ll be receiving your photos immediately.

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9. Electric Blanket

Save money on your electric bill by getting your partner an electric heated blanket! The blanket plugs into the wall and comes with a remote that has four different temperature settings. This blanket in particular is washer/dryer safe and the heat automatically turns off after 10 hours. This gift will keep both you and your partner warm during those colder days when you don’t want to get out of bed.

10. 4 in 1 Wireless Charger

This 4 in 1 charging dock is a great gift idea that will save your partner the pains of keeping up with multiple chargers. The dock is compatible with both Apple and Android products. The dock is able to charge your AirPods, Apple Watch, and two phones all at the same time! Your partner will be thanking you when they can get all their charging done in one place. Additionally, they’ll never lose any of their electronics again as they’ll always have a station to come back to.

11. Air Fryer

You truly can’t go wrong with an air fryer, and if your partner doesn’t already own one of these, this would be a great gift idea for them! Air fryers are insanely fast and convenient, saving you the extra time it would take to preheat your oven and cook your food. Just throw your food into the air fryer, set the temperature you want, and it’ll be done instantly. If your partner is constantly on the move, they’ll definitely appreciate this gift. There are also various recipes that cater specifically to the air fryer, so your partner can get creative with this gift.

12. Gift Basket

For a more personalized gift, make your partner a basket! The basket can include various items, from gift cards to your partner’s favorite snacks. You can even cater to one specific theme, such as a wine basket, beer basket, snack basket, or coffee basket. Regardless of how you choose to create it, your picky partner will appreciate the effort you put into this gift.

Which gift idea will you be buying for your picky partner? Leave a comment with your favorite gift on the list!

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