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10 Gift Ideas For Your Guy Friends

Whether you are shopping for his birthday or another special celebratory event, we have compiled a list of cool gift ideas for our guys out there! These gift ideas are all meaningful and affordable, so both parties will win on this round!

1. A Phone Case

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, so a perfect gift idea for your best guy friend is a phone case. You can opt for a phone case that is made out of nice material or is versatile. So, a phone case that is either made from leather or can also be used as a wallet, will be very helpful for him. Smartphone cases are used by those who would like to protect their smartphones, so gift ideas like these will not be forgotten about and will in fact be used!

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2. T-shirt Of His Favorite Sports Team

He probably has a sports team which he is incredibly passionate about and will defend them until the very last moment! How about getting him a t-shirt of his favorite sports team which he will gladly wear over anything in his closet. These shirts can be found almost everywhere and can quickly be delivered to him. So whether he is a fan of baseball or football, you will have no issue finding that team’s shirt. These shirts are the perfect gifts those crazy fans!

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3. Socks

In the past, these gifts were deemed unnecessary, however, socks have made a comeback and have attributed usefulness! Lately, companies have become creative with the types of socks that they put out. This gift idea is perfect if you want to give your guy best friend something silly, yet useful. In other words, he will definitely not lose the other sock between washes because it will be something that he will want to keep! Another plus is that you can get as many as you want due to their affordable price.

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4. A Bed Shelf

Most of us do not have a shelf that we can easily reach to place our smartphones, water bottles, or other amenities on. Considering that most people do not think of a bed shelf to give their friends, this will be a unique gift idea which he will be unable to live without! These shelves can easily be found on Amazon and do not have to be set up, he simply will need to attach it to his bedside. These gift ideas are easy and accessible and after this gift he will forget about all of his struggles!

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5. Magnetic Bottle Hangers

He probably has a lot of bottles in his refrigerator that cause clutter and a mess. Let’s face it, the last thing that we think about is the situation in our refrigerator, but these gift ideas will change his attitude about the mess. These magnetic bottle hangers can easily be attached to the ceiling of his refrigerator and without harm, organize his bottles in a manner where it will not cause a cluttered fridge. So every time he opens his refrigerator to get some refreshments, he will be reminded of you!

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6. His Favorite Scent

What is better than a great scent on your favorite human? His favorite scent can come in many different forms. Whether you are giving him deodorant, lotion, or cologne you can choose the scent which would potentially be his favorite! You can get any of these scents in any format a very affordable price at your local drug store, so if you are on a tight budget but would like to get him something meaningful, then this gift idea is the best route. Your choice of scent will be his next go-to spritz!

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7. A Carbon Fiber Wallet

Does he always lose his cards and money? Then a carbon fiber wallet is the perfect gift idea for him! This wallet is not just any old wallet, it is a slick, black, and tight wallet that has a single pouch. However, do not let this fool you because he can fit almost any important card in this wallet. It is perfect for those who despise their bulky wallet that gets overstuffed with extra things. This wallet will make sure that you will not lose anything. If you want for it to look elegant, buy him a wallet in a darker shade. Now, he will definitely look put together will this cool gift idea!

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8. A Soap Set

Everyone needs to clean themselves, that is why a soap set of his favorite scent is a useful and perfect gift idea. He will not be able to run out of shampoo, due to your thoughtfulness. These soap sets are good to have because they will even act as great decor in his bathroom. With every shower, he will pick up a soap bar and will clean himself in his favorite scent. You can get these soap sets at almost any store, you just have to look for the men’s section where these soap sets will most likely be waiting for you at an affordable price.

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9. A Comfortable Chair

What is greater than a comfortable chair? That is right, he can use your cool chair to not only sit on and do work but also to hang out and allow his friends to use it. Trust me, these chairs will be everyone’s favorite seat to steal at his apartment. You can get chairs that are braided which allows you to have mobility while being seated. These are comfortable and amazing gift ideas for your guy friends!

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10. A Poster Of His Favorite Band

Thinking of ways to spice up his room? A poster of his favorite band will do the trick! By looking up at his wall, he will be reminded of his favorite band, while having a great decoration on his wall. These gift ideas are perfect not only for your guy friends, but also for your gal friends!

What gifts will you get your guy friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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