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10 Gift Ideas For The Animal Lover In Your Life

10 Gift Ideas For The Animal Lover In Your Life

We all know that one person who is crazy for animals (or maybe it’s you!) and shopping for the animal lover in your life can be a really fun and creative endeavor. There are so many different gifts that any animal lover would love! It’s fun to put together gifts for anyone who cares about animals because there is such a wide variety of gifts that would impress and be appreciated by any animal lover. Check out these perfect gift ideas for the animal lover in your life and have fun shopping! 

1. Crazy Animal Socks

Okay, seriously though, who doesn’t love a funny and adorable pair of socks? Getting someone who loves animals a fun pair of crazy animal socks is sure to be a hit. A flashy pair of socks is a practical gift but also a fun one because they make a great accessory to an outfit.

They’re great to lounge around the house in or to wear out and there are so many different crazy animal socks out there, there’s bound to be a perfect pair waiting for the animal lover in your life! With so many different animals and designs and styles of socks to choose from, this gift is one you can have fun picking out. 


2. Animal Tea Infuser

If you know your animal lover also enjoys a good cup of tea, then consider getting them a cute and fun animal-themed tea infuser! This is a good gift because it’s funny and adorable, but also useful! Tea infusers are a great way to enjoy a really good cup of tea at home.

Rather than using tea bags, tea infusers require loose-leaf tea mixes and often times produce a stronger and more flavorful tea than a tea bag alone. So with this gift, your animal lover is getting a tea upgrade and a really cute animal themed accessory for their mug! It’s a win-win!


3. NWF Adopt An Animal Program

Through the National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Adoption Program, you can symbolically adopt an animal from their large list of endangered wildlife species in the name of your favorite animal lover. They have different packages available with varying prices, but the money goes directly towards helping to support the work of the NWF to protect these endangered animals, so it’s truly a gift you can feel good about giving.

The most popular package comes with a certificate of adoption with a picture of the animal you’ve adopted, a poster, a wall calendar, and an adorable stuffed animal! It’s a really thoughtful gift that has a positive impact on endangered wildlife and the animal lover in your life will surely feel touched that you’ve done such a sweet thing in their name. 


4. Animal Jewelry 

A simple yet impactful gift, getting someone who loves animals a piece of adorable animal-themed jewelry is a clever gift they’re sure to appreciate. There are so many different options for places to find adorable animal jewelry, but I’d suggest shopping locally to support small businesses, or try looking on Esty!

There are lots of shops on Etsy that specialize in crafting super cute and fashionable animal jewelry and you can feel good supporting small businesses. With so many adorable pieces and accessories to choose from, you should have no problem finding some cute jewelry that’s perfect for the animal lover you’re searching for!


5. Lokai Humane Society Bracelet 

These bracelets by Lokai support the Humane Society of the United States. When you buy one, one dollar of the proceeds goes towards supporting the Humane Society and the important work they do saving the lives of so many animals each year. They come in a nice seafoam green color and are durable and fashionable! The story of the lokai bracelet is that it helps to keep you spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally balanced in life.

The white bead contains water from Mt. Everest and the black contains mud from the Dead Sea, the highest and lowest points in the world, to help you get through the highs and lows of life while staying balanced. This is a great gift for any animal lover because the proceeds help support the saving of animals, and is super cute!


6. Animal Flower Planter

Who doesn’t love a succulent? These planters are super adorable and look great holding colorful succulents or small houseplants. There are many places to find such cute planters, but again I’d recommend checking out Etsy. It’s a great place to find a variety of different designs so you can have the freedom to shop around for the perfect animal planter for your animal lover!

These planters make a great gift because they’re practical and make a really cute decoration for your animal lover’s place. They look great anywhere and are sure to be a hit with anyone who loves cute animals!


7. A Book

It may seem surprising, but there are actually so many possibilities to choose from when it comes to animal-themed books. You could go the funny route, and get your animal lover a hilarious book of poems written from a dog’s perspective they can read when they need a good laugh, or you could get them a more serious story or novel.

You could get them a picture book as well, there are many photography books on a specific dog or cat breed or many other animals as well. Any animal-themed book would make a great addition to your animal lover’s bookshelf or coffee table, and the options are endless!

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8. Custom Pet Portrait 

If the animal lover you’re shopping for has a pet of their own, you could consider ordering them a custom portrait of their beloved pet! This is a great option and makes a perfect gift because it’s personal and anyone who loves their pet is bound to love a custom-made portrait of them.


There are so many artists out there who create amazing works of art doing custom pet portraits, so look around and find one that’s perfect for what you’re looking for! All you need is a picture of your animal lover’s pet and voila! You could get a classic portrait or a hilarious one, but however it turns out, your animal lover is bound to be touched by this gift. 

9. Funny Wall Calendar

A wall calendar is something a lot of us may overlook but they actually make great gifts, especially when you love animals and the theme is hilarious or super adorable little animals! Calendars are very practical and useful, and they can even make a great decor piece because of the art!


You could gift your animal lover a nature-inspired calendar featuring images of wildlife or go for a more fun gift and get them one that’s filled with funny pictures of animals doing crazy things. Of course, it’s always a safe bet to go with a calendar filled with adorable baby animals as well. That one is always a hit!

10. Animal Themed T-Shirt

T-shirts make a great gift for anyone, but you can make it really meaningful to the animal lover in your life by getting an animal-themed shirt! There are many options for shopping here, like supporting small businesses or even businesses like, where every shirt sold helps to raise money for no-kill animal shelters around the United States.


However you choose to shop for your adorable animal-themed clothing, it’s sure to be a hit with any animal lover! Especially when the profits of the gift help to save animals around the world, that’s like a bonus gift in itself.

With so many different options for animal lovers, they can be really fun to shop for! You could give a practical gift they could use for their pets or go the funnier or more luxurious route and give a gift they may not know they need until they get it. Are you looking for the perfect gift for your favorite animal lover? Have you gifted any of these fun gifts before? Share your thoughts with us below!

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