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Gift Guide: Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Gift Guide: Girlfriend & Boyfriend


The holidays are here and it is time to find the right gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend. It can be challenging to know what to get. You want to show that you care without being too cheesy and you want to give a thoughtful gift, but not look like you tried too hard. This guide will give you some fun and unusual ideas to find the perfect gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend within your budget!



 For your boyfriend

Something To Make Him Laugh

Humorous gifts that are actually practical are always a good idea because he’ll get a kick out of it but also be able to use it. Try getting him a funny mug or silly book he can flip through when he’s…busy…he’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness! Funny gifts are always great ideas for gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend!





If He’s A Big Fan Of Beer

If he enjoys throwing some beers back every now and then, any beer related gift will definitely be a hit. And if you get him a beer cap map, maybe you’ll finally stop seeing caps all over the floor every time you’re at his apartment. It’s a win-win for the both of you! You could also give him a game to play with the boys to test if he really knows his beer after all.





Some Trendy Handpicked Accessories

If you’re the one to pick out his wrist bling or his new gloves, neither of you will have to worry about his questionable fashion choices. Problem solved.





Some Gadgets Accesories For The Techie

If your guy is always into new gadgets and accesories, there’s so many great gifts to choose from. Portable battery chargers are always a good call, and he’ll love a fitbit if he’s into fitness as well!





Some Grooming Accessories To Keep Him Looking Fresh And Smelling Clean

If he enjoys taking pride in his appearance (or if you’ve been hinting at him to clean up his beard for months now) a simple grooming kit will work wonders. Believe it or not, guys do like feeling pampered every now and then too.



For your Girlfriend

Thoughtful Jewelry

Guys, please do everyone a favor and steer clear of picking out any clothes or purses (unless you have superpowers) and stick to the good old-fashioned jewelry idea. Girls will love any piece of jewelry they get from you no matter how big or small. Only because it’s from you and they can wear it every day. She’ll be even more amazed if you go for a personalized piece of jewelry like bar necklace or an initial ring!



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Makeup Gift Sets

Okay, so it may not be the best idea to go for a specific makeup item unless you know exactly what she wants. Girls can be tricky. Try a gift basket with lots of cute little makeup samples and items she can try out. She will be obsessed!




Something Warm And Cozy

She’ll love anything warm, fuzzy and cozy from you no matter what it is. Blankets, slippers, robes, you name it. If she can wrap herself up in it, even better. And if you’re really strapped for cash this year, just give her another one of your sweatshirts that she can cozy up in.



Anything Wine Related

Chances are, your girl loves wine. You could always go the traditional route and get her a nice bottle of her favorite Pino or Cabernet. But why not think a little outside of the box and get her something unique. Maybe a wine game she can play on ladies’ night, a cute wine tote to transport the goods or even some adorable wine glass charms! There’s no wrong choice here.





Cute Home Decor

So you might be thinking, “I’m no interior decorator!”, but picking out cute decor gifts for your girlfriend’s bedroom or apartment can be easier than you think. She’ll also love the fact that you tried to pick out something that she’d like. Something as easy as cute picture frames (with pictures of you the two of you..duh) or some yummy candles will never go out of style.

   Do you have any other good ideas for gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Share in the comments below!

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