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Gift Guide: Gifts for Parents

Gift Guide: Gifts for Parents

Shopping for gifts for parents around the holidays or on birthdays can be difficult. Here is a list of the most perfect gifts for mom and dad!

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to buy as gifts for your family and friends. As college students, it can sometimes be hard to find good gifts for people on your limited budget, but there are other ways to show your appreciation for someone than buying an expensive gift. Sometimes it’s just hard in general to find that perfect gift for someone, especially your parents. Doesn’t it seem like they already have everything? To help you out, we’ve come up with some ideas for gifts for parents to help discover quirky gifts that they will truly love!

For Mom

1) A Bag to Carry All Her Essentials

Fashion-forward or environmental-friendly mom? There’s a bag for every style! For name brands at a fraction of the price, check Nordstrom Rack. Their selection changes often but there are always amazing bargains. The classic Vera Bradley bags are always a hit with moms, too!


A Cute Tote Bag…Or a Bag With Lots of Compartments For Moms That Don’t Travel Lightly.



Or A Bag With More Than One Use…

2) Something For The Kitchen

Does your mom love to cook? A fun cookbook or unique kitchens gadget could be the perfect gifts. Check ModCloth and Urban Outfitters for a great selection of unique kitchen items.



Cute Salt And Pepper Shakers…


The Perfect Paddle Board For Her…



A Helpful Cookbook…



3) If She’s A Coffee Lover

Chances are your mom drinks coffee just to keep up with your shenanigans on a daily basis. Consider purchasing some gourmet coffee brands for her to sample, or a cute mug that reminds her how much you love her. The possibilities are endless on this one, a great idea for gifts for parents!


A Cute Mug…



Wine Infused Coffee? You just might win the best child award for this one….


Somewhere To Store Her Coffee…

The Perfect Coffee Gift That Gives Into Her Sweets Addiction…


4) And If She Doesn’t Drink Coffee, She Must Drink Wine

Many moms need a glass of wine just to get through the day. If this is your mom, check out these unique gifts. One wine gift in particular that you can’t go wrong with are wine glasses.

To Help Her Pair Her Wines…



A Trivia Game For Her Ladies Only Nights…



5) Something Cozy For The Cold Weather

Who doesn’t love warm slippers during the wintertime? Or how about a cute scarf to keep your neck warm? Maybe even a plush robe to wrap yourself up in? I don’t think there’s a mom out there who wont adore one of these perfect gifts for parents.


For Her Feet…



Or Her Neck…


For Her Body…




6) Some Heartfelt Bling

What mother doesn’t love a little jewelry every now and then? Show her how much you care with personalized jewelry so she can keep you close to her at all times. Anything that says “I love you” will also make her smile from ear to ear.



A Bracelet…


A Necklace…




For Dad

1) Bacon…Anything

Everything’s better with bacon, right? I’m sure your dad thinks so, too (if he’s not the one that taught you so in the first place). If you’re at a loss for gifts for parents ideas, look for just about anything that involves bacon. A bacon cookbook? A Bacon Kit? Either way, the whole family will reap the benefits!

A cookbook…


Make Your Own Bacon Kit…

2) Cuff links

Cuff links may look expensive, but they don’t have to be. Search for a pair that shows off his personality, or opt for a simpler pair and have them custom engraved for a more personal touch. Either way, he’ll wear his cuff links proudly at his next function knowing they’re from you.



A Personalized Pair…



3) Anything To Take His Grilling Skills To The Next Level

Whether your dad is super competitive when it comes to grilling, or whether he’s a newbie in the grilling game, anything that has to do with grilling will get him excited, for sure.


The Perfect Apron…



The Right Tools…



See Also

4) If He’s A Golfer

What dad doesn’t like to play (or watch) golf? You can go the easy route and get him golf balls, or if you really want to splurge – buy him a whole set of clubs. There’s other accessories too, such as money clips, club head protectors, shoes, hats, etc!


Make It Personal…


Let Him Have Some Fun At Work (With a Desktop Golf Game)…


5) Beer Is Life

If your pop likes to drink beer, than you can’t go wrong with anything beer related. Try a unique bottle opener or something that relates to one of your dad’s hobbies or interests. One thing you can never go wrong with are some classic beer glasses. He will be so excited to impress all his friends next time they come over for a couple of beers.

A bottle opener…



Personalized Coasters…


For Both

1) College Gear

An easy gift to give to your parents (and to your entire family) is gear from your college. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, t-shirt, hat, blanket, or whatever; it allows your family to display your college proudly. These make some of the best and easiest gifts for parents! Head on over to your campus bookstore, they should be well stocked, especially around the holiday season!


2) Picture Frames For The Family

Boring, right? WRONG. What parent wouldn’t love a framed photo of all of their children in a nice picture frame? My sister and I did that for my dad once, and he loved it! Or, get a two-picture frame and you can have a young photo of you and another of you from college, so everyone can see your transformation. Just make sure you add the pictures before you wrap the gift!


A Collage Photo Frame…


A Personalized Photo Frame…



  3) Tablet Accessories

Whether it’s a kindle, an iPad, or some other e-reader or tablet, there are a ton of accessories you can buy for it. Sort through different styles and accessories and choose whatever your parent is lacking in the tech department. Check out some unique options below that make great gifts for parents!



Inexpensive/Free Gifts

1) Head Massager

For only $6 at Urban Outfitters, you can buy this massager for each of your parents and it’s perfect to put in their stocking. Now if your parents ever complain about how you stress them out, you can suggest that they give themselves a nice head massage.

2) Day off from cooking

Give your parents a break from cooking dinner for once. Let them enjoy a nice home cooked meal, even if it is just something simple you and your siblings whip up, like a chicken breast or something. Everyone appreciates having someone else cook dinner for them, and don’t your parents deserve it, after putting up with you all year? This is probably one of the best gifts for parents that won’t break the bank (you might work up a sweat for once though.)


3) Scrapbook

Similar to the picture frame idea, show your parents how much you’ve grown from when you were younger to now, a mature college student. This really doesn’t have to cost you much, and now there are even programs online that help with creation. You don’t have to worry about printing out pictures or finding cute little stickers and things to put on the pages with the help of these sites.

4) Movie Night In A Box

You used to be able to find these in any Blockbuster around, while waiting to check your movie out, but it’s easy enough to make yourself (now that Blockbuster is a thing of the past). Candy is usually around a dollar a piece, especially if you buy it in bulk, and you can just use a movie you have at home, or rent one from a Redbox or Netflix. You can also buy them online from Amazon. These are garaunteed to make great gifts for parents!



*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

I Hope these ideas will help  you achieve that perfect gift for your parents, and most of these gifts should definitely fit into your budget. A win-win for everyone! Do you have any other ideas for gifts for parents? Share in the comments below!

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