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Gift Guide: Electronics

Gift Guide: Electronics

Have someone in your life who always has to have the latest gadgets? Sometimes, it can be hard shopping for people like that, because 1. they have every electronic known to man, and 2. electronics are usually expensive to buy. It’d be nice if I could afford a tablet for everybody I know, but it’s not really an option. However, using this gift guide and some student discounts, you should be able to find a gift for your electronic-lover friend and not break your budget.




If you’re a lucky student who had a job or had an internship and have some money to spend, splurge on getting a tablet for a friend or family member. Or if you want to buy one for a parent, you and your siblings could go in together and split the cost.

External hardware/extra storage

If you have too many files on your computer, you can either run out of space, or it will slow down the processing, making your computer slow. If this is a problem for someone you know, buy them an external hard drive that they can store their files on. You can buy them for laptops or desktops.


Gift cards

If you have no idea about electronics, buy them a gift card for their favorite store. This way you won’t end up getting the wrong thing and having to return it, and they can pick out exactly what it is that they’ve been asking or talking about. Sometimes gift cards get a bad rap because it seems like a thoughtless gift, but really, who doesn’t like getting money to spend at a favorite store? Sometimes it’s really your best option.


Know someone who’s studying abroad next semester? Buy them a camera so they can record their trip. At QVC you can find tons of affordable cameras that look fancy enough to trick your friend or relative into thinking that you paid a lot of money for it. You can find good deals especially with the holidays rolling around.


Antivirus software

For your friends or relatives who are fans of PCs, having antivirus software is important. The last thing anyone wants is for their computer to crash and their files are then lost. McAfee has a line of antivirus software designed to help protect a computer against viruses, which would be a great gift to give to someone who doesn’t have any. They have internet protection, antivirus protection, and other products so you’ll be giving someone the gift of ultimate security when using their computer.


Phone Accessories

If you can’t buy them a phone (they probably have the latest and greatest one anyways), how about a phone accessory. There are so many options out there, there’s no way they already have them all. You can never have too many phone cases, it’s always nice to give your phone a fresh new look – it is an accessory after all. Or maybe they are super into gaming? Purchase them something to make the mobile gaming experience that much better, like an attachable control system. Are they a fitness buff? How about a wireless activity tracker? Like, I said, the options are endless!

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Having speakers that will hook up to your iPod or any other mp3 device you use is something everyone could use. And now they have portable speakers and even portable Bluetooth speakers to make life even easier. If your friends or family like to entertain and have people over often, give them a portable speaker so they don’t have to use their computer or other sound system to play music. That way they can play music from wherever they are using the Bluetooth or wireless connection.  There are tons of choices at Best Buy!

Game consoles/video games

If you know an avid gamer, buying them the latest video game is sure to please them. Or buy them one of the new game consoles that have come out, like the PS4. Or if that’s too expensive for your budget (which, as a college student, it probably is), then split the price with other friends or family members. Or you can buy them an old-school console, like the N64, which can also get a little pricey depending on where you buy it from. Most people on eBay are going to try to get the most they can for it (believe me, I’ve bought one). But stores like Newegg, Walmart and Best Buy will have a large selection of video games and consoles, plus accessories (like controllers, memory cards, etc.), which you can buy for your gamer friend or sibling. And you can get cash back at all of those places, to give yourself a little treat.



I know I mentioned this before, but the more I think about it, the more I believe this option deserves it’s own category. Cases aren’t just limited to cell phones. You can buy cases for tablets and laptops as well. Plus stores like Best Buy have so much variety, you’ll definitely find something suitable for the person you’re gifting.

So there are some cheap (and maybe not so cheap) electronic gift ideas. Remember, even if it’s a little pricey, you can always find another friend or family member to chip and share the gift. You’ll both be able to save money and you’ll give a really nice gift. So be creative with your ideas a little and you’ll be sure to please any tech-savvy people you know.