10 Gifs That You’ll Relate To If You Own A Cat

If you own a cat, then you’ll know they all have completely different personalities but believe it or not your cat isn’t the only one that will lick you when they really appreciate your strokes or run around after the mop when you’re trying clean. They’re all equally as silly and cute. Here are 10 GIFs you’ll relate to if you own a cat.

1. When your cat comes into wake you up in the morning

This may sound nice, but when it’s at 6am, you want nothing more than to lock them out of the room until you’re ready to get up. But let’s be honest, if you did this they would just start meowing as loud as possible until you let them back in again.

2. Hearing the cat flap close and knowing your cat has finally returned

There is no better sound than hearing the cat flap close and the gentle padding of their little feet across the ground. I know with my cats that when they come in from being out exploring all day, they want all attention on them and I’ll gladly give it to them. Get over here you little ball of fluff.

3. When they decide your feet are creatures under the bed cover that need attacking

It’s all fun and games until you’re tucked up in bed about to fall asleep and you feel something viciously grabbing onto your feet. Cats seem to not realise that it’s just you under the covers but all they see is the chance to attack, and they really go all out. Who knew you’d be able to feel their teeth biting you through a thick duvet cover.

4. But you can’t be mad because they’re just too cute

You might try to be mad at them for this but goddamn, they’re cute. And when they eventually give up and curl down next to you, you’ll spoon forget about the small war that just took place at the bottom of the bed.

5. When you get up from your seat and know you’ll never get it back

Getting up from your chair is a dangerous game to play when your cat is on the lookout for somewhere warm to sit down. Often it turns into a race to see how fast you can go to the toilet and get back, trying to beat them back to the seat before they curl down. Once they do you’ll feel too guilty moving them and end up sitting on the floor. The cat rules the house.

6. Cat poo has probably the worst smell ever

If your cats go to the toilet outside, then you’re very lucky. Cat poo is probably the worst smelling poo of all and will stink out the entire house like a bomb. It gets even worse when like my cat, they miss the litter tray and poop down the side onto the floor. Damn you cat!

7. The cat is in charge and what they say goes

Never try to overstep the boundary with a cat as you could end up with some nasty scratches. Even if they are the gentlest cat ever, it really isn’t worth it. So never pick them up if they’re sleeping, you don’t want to wake the beast.

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8. When they bite you out of no where and you feel the betrayal in your heart

Cats are weird creatures and even if they seem to be having the best time getting stroked, sometimes they just snap. Now although my cat always looks really apologetic after she bites me and often gives my hand a lick to make up for it, you can’t help but feel betrayed. What did I do wrong?

9. When your cat decides it’s time for strokes during a really important email

All cats seem to love top interrupt you on the computer and often end up standing on keys and making changes to your computer you didn’t even know were possible. There is nothing more annoying then sitting down to write an email and your cat jumping up on the key pad, jeopardising the email and your entire laptop function.

10. When they spot themselves in the window and think it’s another cat

This is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. They’ll normally freeze and just stare for a while before deciding it’s another cat and they must protect their land. But after ten minutes of them poofing up their fur and growling at the window, they’ll eventually skulk off embarrassed with their tails between their legs.

Do you own a cat? Do you relate to any of these GIFs if you own a cat? Tell us in the comments!
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