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10 GIFS That SO Describe You During Quarantine

10 GIFS That SO Describe You During Quarantine

10 GIFS That SO Describe You During Quarantine

Let us just admit a few things here right here and now: 

  • COVID – 19 sucks. 
  • Being in quarantine sucks.
  • Being trapped in such a pandemic sucks. 
  • Social distancing sucks.
  • Following the stay-at home order is necessary, but sucks. 
  • We are under more pressure than ever to survive this virus. 
  • Changing your way of life sucks. 
  • We desperately want to get back to normal. 
  • The media is over-exaggerating on the crisis. 
  • We hate being stuck in our houses 24/7. 
  • My heart goes out to the people who have succumbed to the virus. 
  • My heart also goes out to the people who are working during this time. 
  • To the people who are not able to work during this time, do not worry – you will rise up and get back to it again soon.
  • We want to see our friends and family, take vacations, and do whatever we have to do. 
  • But are things progressively getting back to normal like we want it to be? Maybe. 
  • Everything is changing and we have to accept it sometime, somehow. 

But how do we get back to a normal state of mind after a horrific yet a very terrible “accident”?

When adapting to a new normal, of course there are going to be some new #moods that come right along with it. Here are 10 GIFs that are the perfect depiction of you during quarantine. 

1. When you are extremely grateful for the delivery

service that brought you all of your favorites…


Uber Eats, Doordash, Postmates, and all of the other delivery food app materials that are serving us food in a time where we needs it the most are gods from heaven. They cross the mile in order to make sure that we are fed whenever we are hungry in general or if we are feeling *hangry*. If you even go as far as ordering from your small local restaurant businesses when you are starving, then you are definitely a good person. 

2. Trying to be as social as possible during social distancing because you miss your besties like cray…


I am sure that we are now asking ourselves this question after what seems to be a very long wait: “Why is social distancing even a thing?” “When can we go back to spending more quality time with our friends without worrying so much about what is going to happen next? I think that is something that everyone wants answered. Me too, sis. Me too. You have no idea.

But as quarantine orders drag on, people are becoming more likely to ease up on some of the many precautions they’ve adopted.

3. Running back to your computer after a trip to the bathroom during your Zoom meeting…

full house

Let us all be honest with ourselves here: Zoom meetings are boring. They go by very slow (like a turtle, even). There are those lecture where you feel as if it is dragging on for too long and you just want to leave the chat. So, you go to the bathroom to cry about how boring and useless the Zoom lecture actually is until you realize that you actually need to make the effort to go to class in order to pass. 

4. Hitting a stride with virtual learning…


One day you are in a classroom actually learning about what x equals in terms of y. Now that schools are closed, all you really want to do is to take a nap and just end the school year.  However, school is unfortunately still a thing – forcing you to wake up at early times in the morning when you rather – IYO – be taking a nap all day.

5. Waiting for the packages holding all the online goodies you ordered to come…

the simpsons

What do you do when the stay-at-home order says that you cannot go to the mall with your besties? Go shopping online, of course! Stores like JcPenney, Macy’s and Kohl’s are giving us massive sales to take part in – allowing us to buy even more cute clothes for even better prices. Go ahead, girl, treat yourself to a massive shopping spree so that you can buy the cutest clothes (even if your break account might suffer as a result of it). 

6. When someone ask you if they should go out with friends…


Two words: social distancing. Yes, it’s disgusting. Yes, we want to reunite with our friends as soon as this is all over permanently. Yes, we want to get everything back to normal. But unfortunately, there are some people who are rebellious and continue to break the rules of social distancing (the “six feet rule”) and make the whole “surviving the virus” thing more miserable for us. See, this is why we can’t have nice things, kids. 

7. Realizing you’ve actually been getting stronger from all your exercising…


What are you going to do? Getting whipped into shape. Where are you doing it? In your own home. Will you get the same results? Probably. Will you feel good about yourself when you get active? ABSOLUTELY!

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So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself whipped into shape!

8. Showing off your bomb outfit…to your family in the living room…


So you’re telling me that I bought all these clothes from my very excessive shopping spree for absolutely NOTHING? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Ugh. At least let me wear these very cute outfits out somewhere when this “coronavirus” stuff goes away. 

9. When you and your squad finally hang up from your virtual call that lasted until 2 in the morning…


Yes, I miss my best friends so much. I hate being separated from them. But I am so thankful for technology like Facetime and Houseparty to get us all connected together again. 

10. Picturing how you’re going to walk out of the house when quarantine is over… 

toy story 4

In *hopes* that we can go back to our normalcy again. 

What has been a major #mood for you lately? Tell us in the comments. 

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