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10 GIFs That Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At UO

10 GIFs That Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At UO

Being a Duck isn't always just fun and games and tailgate parties. Get ready for ten GIFs that'll let you know what being a UO student is really all about.

The University of Oregon is known for our football team and the number of Californian students we attract (UC Eugene), but being a Duck isn’t always just fun and games and tailgate parties.The University of Oregon takes a lot of pride in itself, and you’re joining a family of 20,000 people. Don’t take these four years for granted. Work hard, play hard, and wear that green and gold with pride. Get ready for ten GIFs that’ll let you know what being a UO student is really all about.

1. Football really is the main event, and skipping a game is sacrilege.

Even if sports aren’t your thing, being a Duck is all about that school pride and a lot of that school pride comes from our football team. So rep that green and gold and show up to Autzen Stadium at least once.

2. Your classes are going to be way harder than you think.

College ain’t no joke, and even though UO is known as a party school, it’s also a research university. You’re going to be working harder than you expected, and not always getting the grades you want. It’s okay, though, because we can all suffer together during finals week.


3. Even if you don’t go Greek, being on campus during rush is wild.

Expect to hear lots of screaming and see girls running everywhere during the first few weeks of each fall term.

4. We have amazing Acapella groups.

Our male a cappella group was featured on the Sing-Off, the same show that made Pentatonix famous. On The Rocks, Divisi, and Mind The Gap perform every Friday at 4pm in the fishbowl during the sunny months, and inside the memorial union during winter, and they’re almost as popular as our football team.



5. Almost everyone you meet is either a business or journalism major.

The two biggest programs for undergrads, these students love the idea of competition and networking, and you will meet a lot of them. They also have the two best buildings on campus: Lillis and Allan Hall.

6. If you’re expecting to have any privacy in the dorms: you’re wrong.

The dorms aren’t cheap, hallways are small, your bedroom is likely half the size of your room at home (and you’ll be sharing it with another person), the communal bathrooms barely work, and the walls are paper thin. So be prepared to have your personal space invaded every day and bring a pair of ear plugs or find another place to sleep for when your roommate inevitably brings someone home.

7. College isn’t cheap.

Even if your parents are helping you out, you’ll still probably want and need some extra cash, so getting a student job is a must. Be prepared to create a stand-out resume and bring along some interview outfits, and realize that you’ll probably wrack up a costly bill before you land a side job.

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8. When you’re of age, Taylor’s is the place to be.

Even though the bar is pretty sketchy, it’s going to save your life (and sanity) when you’re struggling through your junior and senior years.



9. Classes are never cancelled.

There could be a typhoon, a hurricane, a snow storm, and non-stop hail all at once, and the UO still won’t close campus. And even if your professor gets sick or has to go out of town, they will make sure to find a substitute.

10. You’re going to be hugged by our mascot, Puddles, at least once.

Puddles doesn’t just chill at the football stadium: you can often see him wandering around campus or the memorial union, and he loves giving out hugs. UO is a community and community means lots of love from your school mascot.

Hello Ducks, do you think these accurately show what being a UO student is really all about? Share what you think being a student at UO is like in the comments below!
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