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10 GIFs That Describe What Its Like To Be A Student At Texas Christian University

10 GIFs That Describe What Its Like To Be A Student At Texas Christian University

If you go here now, graduated, or are coming in the future, these GIFs accurately describe what it's like to be a student at Texas Christian University.

If you’re reading this article it means you have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to attend Texas Christian University at one point in your life. Congratulations! If you go here now, if you just graduated, or you are coming here in the future, you know there are some things that happen in Fort Worth, that stay in Fort Worth. Here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at Texas Christian University.

Saturday Morning of Game Day

You just know this is going to be the best day of your life. The sky is clear, the birds are chirping and the sun is miserably hot–but you’re a survivor so you push through.


Windy Days Near Frog Fountain

It’s a beautiful Texas day and the wind is whipping harder than Silento himself. You’re walking past Frog Fountain, and suddenly you’ve entered a dunk tank. Proceed with caution, frogs. Proceed with caution.

The Night of a TCU Alert

Ah, the words everyone loves to hear, “THIS IS A TCU ALERT”. If you hear this you’ve definitely been spooked out of your sleep at least once (shout out to the TCU alert that went off four times in one night last year). Despite being one of the most annoying things to endure at TCU, there’s a special bond you create between you and the other kids in your building when you see each other in your night guard and SpongeBob onesie.


The Morning After a TCU Alert

Phew! We’ve come to see another day. The tornado, thunder storm, flash flood or whatever was coming for us…has spared us and we’re up for another amazing day of class. These days are bleak. The line to get coffee at Union Grounds is longer than ever and most of your classmates have probably over slept. If you make it to class the next morning, you’re one of the strong ones.



When You or Your Roommate Passes the Excel Test

Oh happy day! You or your roomie have finally passed Excel!! If you are a Business major or live with one you know how stressful this test can be. The day it’s over is the biggest celebration. My roommate took the 8 AM test and when she passed we partied hard. A little too hard for that early in the morning.


The Day You or Your Roommate Gets Purple Scrubs

Sweet, sweet victory! You or your roomie has finished their first year and a half of nursing! You’ve studied long and hard for your lab practicals and your hard work has paid off. Hallelujah! And man, do you look good!

When Mumps Hits Campus…again?

Mumps outbreak round two, anybody? There’s that brief moment of panic that everyone goes through. You call your mom in a tizzy to see if you have the mumps vaccine. Suddenly you’ve developed the most basic symptoms and you’re convinced you have the mumps. Then an hour goes by and you realize you’ve had a bit of a hypochondria induced break, but you’re back in the game, healthier than ever!


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The Day the Commons Becomes an Exotic Pet Farm

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a camel??? We all have those days. You’re walking to the BLUU and from out of nowhere you see that some club has put together an event with camels, mini horses or sheep? TCU welcomes all species!



The Day Coach P Follows You on Twitter

It’s not everyday that a living legend follows you on Twitter. But the day it happens to you cannot be beat. You immediately text all your friends to let them know that your followers list has been visited by Horned Frog Jesus. At this point, it’s the closest you’ll ever be to verified on Twitter so soak it up.


The Day You Get Accepted!

Wow, I guess dreams really do come true. You’ve just been accepted into the happiest place on Earth. You definitely went out and bought cowboy boots and something purple to celebrate. Welcome to the best four years of your life!

What are your favorite GIFs that accurately describe what it’s actually like to be a student at Texas Christian University? Share in the comments below!
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