10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At Temple University

There aren’t enough words that can be used to describe what it’s like to be a student at Temple University on a daily basis. I can go on and on, but it still wouldn’t be enough. There can be ups and downs, but at the end of the day you are really happy that you were able to go through it. Whether it is 50 years down the line or if you are currently reading this, you are always going to remember how it was in your college years. What I really like about Temple University is the strength you are able to gain from all the successes and failures. I am pretty sure you learned that everything works out in the end, no matter what the outcome is. Here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it is actually like to be a student at Temple University.

1. When your paper is due at 12 AM, and you still haven’t finished yet.

2. When you immediately regret signing up for 8 AMs.


3. The food trucks here are so good! They will make you think about what to eat for lunch right after eating breakfast.

4. You make a lot of friends, even with those you thought you wouldn’t get along with.

5. Do whatever you can to avoid the squirrels. PERIOD.

6. When you get to Thanksgiving/spring break and realize your professors scheduled exams after break.


7. When you thought you were going to fail an exam but you end up passing.

8. When you procrastinate and go through a 16 week course in one night for the final.

9. But have you heard about Thirsty Thursday?

10. When you finally graduate and start working.

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Sofia Thomson

Sofia was born and raised in Philadelphia. She's a rising senior at Temple, majoring in psychology on a pre-PT track. The first love of her life is food as it has never failed to lift her up. The second love(s) of her life are definitely her friends. She's a huge Korean drama fanatic and could sit there and watch it for days...except of course when she's hungry again. She likes to draw, but words are how she likes to express herself the best. Her experience at Temple has been anything but cliché and she's still learning a lot about herself and the world around her, and she wants to use her words to share that experience with others.