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10 Gifs That Describe How You Feel When You Get A Hot Guys Number

10 Gifs That Describe How You Feel When You Get A Hot Guys Number

When you get a hot guys number, the feeling is uncomforgettable. Here are some GIFS that describe the feeling you have when you get a hot guys number!

Know that feeling when you’re really into a guy and you finally get his attention? Yeah, I wish we all could say yes. We’re not always that lucky, but if you make it as far as getting a hot guys number you probably want to jump for joy, barely hide a cool-aid smile, or flat out scream. Here’re 10 funny and accurate gifs that describe how you feel when you get a hot guys number.

Gonna Eat You Alive

Finally get the number of that hot guy you’ve been lusting for? Make sure and let him know how you feel…I’m gonna eat you alive…

Gif Of Woman Seductively Removing Glasses


Time To Celebrate

This is how you feel when you get his number and you tell your friends and they under-react. Get up bitches! We need to go celebrate!

Gif Of Woman Saying Get Up With Hand Gestures

Got Em!

This is a friend react too. Finally got that hot guys number? Five it out with your bestie. Job Well Done.


Gif Of Guys High Fiving

Oh Yes I’ll Be Seeing You Later

You’d be lying if you said you never felt like this after getting a hot guys number. This is THE initial feeling. I will be seeing you later baby!


Finally My Dreams Have Come True

Maybe this is a private reaction, like much later when he’s turned the corner and is out of sight, but it’s definitely a reaction. Oh finally! He’s mine now!

I Can’t Believe It

Yes. Believe it! He totally just gave you his number. Lol. This one is for when you were expecting rejection. Might want to keep this expression to yourself though.


You Won’t Regret This

You know you’re kinky when you get a hot guys number and the first thing you think of is what you’re going to for him. Like oh, you will not regret this, trust me.

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What, You Said Yes?

Another reaction for the disbeliever. The accurate feeling when you thought you were going to get shut down, but you actually walk away with the number of a hot guy you been crushing on.


I’m So Happy

For the emotively helpless one who’s dreams have come true. Tears and laughter equal I’m so happy.


Finally the most accurate inner feels of someone finally getting the number of a hot guy, cannot be expressed better than this. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeah baby!


These are real reactions to getting a hot guys number, people! Let me know in the comments if these are what you’ve felt!
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