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10 GIFS That Describe Going Out At Ohio University

10 GIFS That Describe Going Out At Ohio University

Ohio University if a fun school. Going out at Ohio University is another level. Here are 10 GIFs that perfectly describe going out at Ohio University. LOL!

Here at Ohio University, it doesn’t matter what year you are because you will more than likely be encountering the bar scene at least once a week. Whether that be stopping in for a quick slice of pizza, or closing down the bars at 2:00 a.m. Athens is known for one thing and that is: partying. A night out is summed up like this:

1. Pregaming at Red Brick

$1 well vodkas between 6:00-9:00 p.m? Count me in!


2. Don’t pass up liquor pitchers ($5 on Wednesday) at Pawpurr’s just yet!

3. Wait, a second. Head back over to CI for some $4 Rumple shots.

4. Are you drunk yet? No? You’re about to pass Pigskin, stop in for a drink or two.

5. Tony’s is known for one thing and that is: hot nut shots.


6. Getting tired yet? Stop by Stephen’s for a good ‘ol Destroyer. And start dancing the night away!

7. It’s about time you eat a snack… Courtside is home to the BEST pizza in Athens. So stop on in!

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8. Time to round off the night with some JBar. Great music, great people, great everything.

9. The walk home may go a little like this…

10. But when you’re all snuggled up in the bed and pass the hell out, you know it was a good night. Another great night in Athens.

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