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10 GIFs That Describe Being A University of Minnesota Duluth Student

10 GIFs That Describe Being A University of Minnesota Duluth Student

University of Minnesota Duluth is a great school. Here is what it's like to be a University of Minnesota Duluth student and these GIFs rep it well.

College is the time when you experiment, meet amazing and horrible people, try new and dangerous things, and maybe even rethink your entire life. But no matter where you are right now in your college career, here are 10 GIFs that everyone can relate to attending the University of Minnesota Duluth.

1. You realize that a college class is just as boring as a high school class.

But it’s worse because you’re in Chem 200 sitting in the back day dreaming about how tiny your professor looks and trying to squish him between your fingers.

2. Eating your first microwave cooked meal in your dorm room.

Yes, it is definitely not mom’s delicious chicken pot pie.


3. Realizing you can look cute everyday your freshman year because all the buildings are connected, and you never have to go out into the real world again.

No more carrying around a bulky winter coat and accidentally eating shit from slipping with your wet boots.

4. When you forget that Duluth a big place for tourism, and wonder why your usual bike route is full of families taking photos.

Now you have reschedule your one “active” day…. oh well, Netflix it is!

5. Moving into a house and now having to travel to school.

Now you start questioning out of all places why you picked Duluth, if you haven’t already.


6. Finally turning 21 but realizing there are only a handful of bars everyone goes to on the weekends.

Then realizing you’ll see the person you were trying to avoid all week, because it’s Saturday and everyone and their mother will be at Grandma’s.

7. Choosing to go out in the middle of winter in your club outfit without a jacket because you know you’ll be sweating later at the bars.

Then regretting it when you realize you forgot your keys and you’re now locked out of the house trying to get your roommates to wake up and let you in. You know this is true if you’re a University of Minnesota Duluth student.

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8. Driving up and down 21st and only having a two wheel drive car.

Tell me why it takes half an hours to get down that hill in the winter??

9. When you see that the temperature is above 40 degrees.

You start to appreciate even the slightest warmth when living in Duluth; and once it hits the 50s, get ready to see everyone in shorts and a short sleeve.

10. But no matter how cold University of Minnesota Duluth may be in the winter, you will miss the beautiful lake, the amazing lift bridge, the free events, and even the campus when you leave.

Now when you come back, you too will be a tourist again!

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