10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At Full Sail University

Through the years, Full Sail University has grown not only in size but recognition across the country. We’ve even managed to enroll students from other countries. But, Full Sail comes with a reputation. If I ever hear anyone say the name Full Sail or that they will be attending the university soon, these 10 gifs are what I immediately think of to describe the Full Sail experience.

1. We have crazy expensive programs

Full Sail isn’t just known for its incredible film and music studios. We also have expensive tuition. Granted, we have accelerated programs, but for the price of a 4-year-degree, you’ll finish your program within 22 months. You’ll eventually discover that tuition is so expensive because it pays for all the equipment, textbooks, and computers you use during your program which are all top of the line.

2. Full Sail is made up of introverts

Full Sail isn’t known for its wild parties and school dances. We have network summits, but you won’t find a lot of students there. Full Sail is built on introverts. Sure, we socialize when we’re in class, but it’s because it’s forced socialization. Since everyone at Full Sail is creative, we all go to our private spaces and stay there until our next class or assignment is due. If there are any introvert parties, it’ll be a Game of Thrones binge watching party to celebrate the new season.

3. We get a little proud of ourselves around other programs

During the first two months at Full Sail, you’ll meet students from other programs and become friends instantly. But, later in your program, you’ll see those same students again and can’t help but brag a little about all of your accomplishments.

4. We cringe at the word exorcise

Full Sail is a media entertainment school, so looking our best should be a priority. However, we’re not the most athletic or physically active students. We spend most of our days on the computer or in labs working on projects. We could be athletic, or we could use that time exorcising to watch every episode of The Office.

5. Wrestle Mania is our Football

Since we are a non-athletic, traditional college, we have to make traditions of our own. UCF (University of Central Florida) is right down the road, and always has wild parties during the football season. But, Full Sail goes crazy during Wrestle Mania season. At Full Sail Live (our version of an auditorium), we transform the venue into a wrestling ring to watch up and coming wrestlers fight to the top to be a part of WWE NXT.

6. Between Film and Music majors, it’s like West Side Story

There are several creative departments throughout Full Sail, but none are quite like film and music. Both majors are the most grueling for lab hours and extensive class projects. Film majors are required to create an original student film by the end of their program, and music majors are required to compose an original song for their final portfolio. Whenever a film and music major cross paths, there’s a bit of sparks flying from all the tension. They tend to play the who had it worse or who did it better game. You never know which major will surpass the other or finally put an end to the rivalry.

7. Stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, maybe all three

If only high school could have prepared us for the amount of stress and anxiety we develop while in college. At Full Sail, it’s no joke. Instructors are strict about deadlines and quality of work. Some instructors are gracious enough to allow do-overs if assignments aren’t done correctly. I used to stay up past midnight trying to complete assignments only to turn around and do it again the next day.

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8. There are four seasons at Full Sail: Summer, still summer, chilly summer, and almost summer

If you came to Full Sail University to experience Florida in the fall, then don’t expect foliage or any foliage for that matter. Central Florida is an extension of south Florida. It’s hot and humid year round. When Floridians say it’s cold out they mean it’s 60° and can’t wear flip flops to go get the mailbox. If you have to, pack a pair of pants and one flannel shirt. You’ll mostly find yourself wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops during your time at Full Sail.

9. Everyone gets a laptop

If anyone ever asks me what my favorite aspect of Full Sail University is, my go to answer is getting a MacBook Pro at orientation. In high school, we had computers to use for classwork, but all social media and shopping websites were blocked. At Full Sail, not only do you get laptop, but there are no restrictions on what you can do with it at school. The only exception is playing games through Steam on the school Wi-Fi.

10. Full Sail University is majority male

All my life, I’ve been in schools that had a good balance between male and females. However, at Full Sail, the school is majority male. Part of the reason for this is because the entertainment industry is majority male. I was lucky enough to complete my program with only females in my classes. If you’re a female at Full Sail, you’ll notice how many guys will try to get your phone number before class is over.

What gifs have you seen that remind you of Full Sail University? Let us know in the comment section!
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