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20 Gifs That Are Relatable To High School Seniors

20 Gifs That Are Relatable To High School Seniors

Being a high school senior comes with a flood of emotions and stress levels. You are excited to go on to college, but you are sad about leaving your friends who you have grown so close with over the last four (or more) years! These gifs and memes summarize the life and feelings of a high school senior!

1. Realizing you are going into your senior year and this is the last year you have to put up with high school

The first day of senior year is an exciting and a proud moment. Knowing you are about to enter the first of many “last times” can be a bittersweet feeling, but since its high school it feels refreshing.

2. Going to your last homecoming and football games and realizing you’ll probably never come back again or be with your friends here ever again.

Football games are one of the oldest and most well known traditions of being a high school. In the student section, cheering on your team, and being in the school spirited atmosphere is a great feeling….until you realize you won’t ever be able to do this again. At the end of the year, you’ll have to move on to bigger and better things and that means no more Friday Night Lights.


3.  When you have to keep up with college application season, classes, extracurricular activities, family, a social life, a job, and trying to avoid Senioritis.

Everyone talks about how easy Senior Year is, but what they don’t mention is the giant piles of responsibilities. Trying to be an adult by getting a job, needing to keep up with your grades so you don’t drop out, and filling out long applications every night can be exhausting. On top of it all, you’re trying to avoid the dreaded Senioritis.

4. When you forgot to submit an assignment….or two…..or four.

And sometimes when things get overwhelming, you slip up.


5. Once you realize the Senioritis is kicking in.

And then you accept it and let the lack of motivation overcome you.

6. Trying to look valuable and unique for scholarship essays

Coming up with millions of different ways to ask for money without full on saying “I’m desperate” is hard. Scholarships are given out to people with eloquently written essays who have through-the-roof talent and an intricate sob story, so trying to stand out can be difficult.

7. When your significant other asks you to prom in the most amazing way possible.

There’s nothing better than having a promposal that you can show off to all your friends. Whether it be big and intricate or small and sentimental, it’s a great way to put a smile on your face and make all your friends jealous (plus now you got a hot date ;))


8. When YOU have to ask your significant other to prom in the most amazing way possible.

But having all that pressure to put on the most perfect promposal of all time can be really stressful. Nobody wants a disappointing promposal and none of the ones online seem to quite fit your relationship. When in doubt, use a pun.

9. Seeing your prom date all dressed up.

10. Teachers who remind you that you still have to pass your classes in second semester in order to graduate.

With great Senioritis comes great responsibility. While the year is coming to a close there’s nothing more tempting than doing nothing, but you still need the credits to graduate and even the thought of doing work stresses you out.

11. When your best friend is going to a different college than you.

Long distance can be hard. Long distance with your best friend can be even harder. Even if they aren’t going very far away, its far enough to where you won’t see each other every day. You’ll just have to make up for it in daily phone calls and movie nights.


12. Trying to give advice to juniors but they are acting just like you did last year.

There’s nothing worse than trying to help out your younger friends and being ignored. Just remember, you did the same thing last year.

13. The feeling when you finally graduate and move onto real life

14. One week into real life


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15. Looking back at freshman year

Everyone grows up in high school, or should, but you don’t realize exactly how much you’ve grown until you find an old picture and don’t even recognize yourself.

16. Grad night

Enough said.

17. Counting down the days before graduation

Everyone says that senior year flies by but you can’t help but feel like its dragging on.


18. Meeting someone really cool and wishing you had been friends sooner.

This person was at your school the whole time and you’re just NOW meeting each other??

19. When someone tries to start drama with you at the end of the year

You’re at the end of your rope, you’re never going to see this person again, AND they want to start drama? Let’s do this.

20. After you get your diploma

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