10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At Virginia Tech

Every student at Virginia Tech knows they have a great lifestyle at one of the best universities. We’ve put together a list of GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at Virginia Tech, that is guaranteed to be relatable!

1. When the Hokies score a TD.

Only thing that would be more exciting than this is if the Redskins won the Superbowl.

2. When you find out its chicken parm day at Owen’s.

Best day of the week!



3. When you realized your car got towed/ticketed.

Cause it happens soften to all of us…

4. When the margarita finally hits you at El Rods.

Brace yourself.


5. When you drop your cookout tray on the ground.

Dropping Chipotle doesn’t compare.

6. Waiting in the Qdoba line.

Worth every minute, but it could move a little faster.



7. When Enter Sandman comes on and you aren’t inside Lane yet.

You have never sprinted faster in your life.

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8. When you walk across the Drillfield on a windy day.

Let’s be honest, walking across the Drillfield against the wind is the most exercise you’re gonna get all week.


9. When Turner or West End isn’t crowded.

A moment of silence for no lines.

10. When you are waiting for students to cross the street in your car.

They don’t even look both ways, but you know that when you are crossing the street, you don’t either so you can’t get mad.


Featured photo source: instagram.com and mapio.net