10 Gifs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At Loyola University Chicago

Everyone has a different college experience, but there are some things that all Ramblers have in common. Here are 10 GIFs that perfectly describe what being a student at Loyola University Chicago is like!

1. When you see a group of bunnies and they keep running from you.

2. When you get nuggets at Late Night.

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3. As soon as the temperature drops and is in the negatives.

4. When the wind picks up.

5. When you’re waiting in line for the elevator in Mundelien.

6. When you receive an email from Campus Safety about a stabbing/mugging/other undesirable sounding crime.

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7. When you use BioSoap.

8. When you take a crowded class in Halas.

9. When you pass by a tour group.

10. When you remember you go to school in Chicago.

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Hillary Hedstrom

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