16 GIFs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like To Be A Student At James Madison University

In our modern society the best way to describe any emotion is through gifs. And what better way to explain to outsiders and connect with others what it’s like to be a student at James Madison University than through GIFs.

This is a collaborative piece by: Sarah Condon and Adelina Julian

1. When the Person in Front of You Doesn’t Hold the Door.

JMU students are known for being some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. One tradition we have here is to always hold the door for someone whether they are right behind you or still 20 feet away.  So it’s quite shocking when the person in front of  you doesn’t hold the door.

2. When it Starts to Smell after Raining.

We all know that smell that tends to creep up after the slightest bit of rain. And that dog food smell is still a mystery to all. Is it the puppy mill? The soil here? We may never know.


3. When You Realize You Have to Walk Up Godwin Steps to Get to Class.

If you’ve ever walked up the Godwin steps you know you can barely make it half way without heavily breathing and your thighs burning. No matter if you walk up these stairs daily to get to class or just once you can understand the struggle.

4. When You’re Trying to Find a Parking Space on Campus.

Finding a parking space on campus can be compared to the hunger games. The few lots and garages that are on campus are always full anytime after 9:30 and unless you’re lucky enough to find someone leaving as you’re arriving you’ll most likely be stuck searching for a parking lot for ages.

5. When you’re Late to Class and Hear the Train Coming.

We have all been there where we sleep through our alarm and wake up frantically trying to put yourself together and get to class. You’re confident you’ll get to class right on time and just as you’re about to let out a sigh of relief you hear the train crossing gates coming ringing and you know you’re going to have to wait what feels like 30 minutes before the train completely passes.

6. When You Make Eye Contact With the Person in the Stall Next to You.

We all are aware that the majority of the stalls on campus are not the tallest And they aren’t that big of a bother until you make that awkward eye contact with the person next to you and wonder what to do. Do we say hi? Do I just smile? Or pretend it never happened?


7. When Someone Suggests Going to the Puppy Farm.

First off if you haven’t been to the puppy farm you have to before the year is over. It’s at Gap View Ranch and Kennel and for only five dollars you can spend as much time as you want playing with the older puppies, baby puppies, and newborn puppies. What’s better than that?

8. When You Find an Open Table in Carrier On a Sunday.

Sunday is the day where every student tries to get back on track for the week and recovery from the weekend. With limited tables to spread out all the work due it’s a blessing to find an open table to work on.

9. Trying to Find a Place to Eat on Campus During the Weekend.

On the weekends JMU doesn’t have many food options. When you wake up starving after a night out at 2 good luck finding a place to satisfy that hangover hunger. And when Dhub or Ehall have terrible options there’s no dukes, or top dog to escape to.

10. We Are FCS Champions!

This year on January 7th was one of the best days so far this year as a Duke. Game days are simply the best days out of the year to say the least and the fact that all those game days ending in victory makes it ten times more amazing. It’s good to be a Duke.

11. Day drinking in forest.

Whether its 70 degrees in February or there’s two feet of snow on the ground, JMU-goers know how to celebrate a Saturday!

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12. Feeling the rejuvenating effects of E-Hall brunch after a night out.

There’s nothing like of rallying your friends and making your way to the wonderful smorgasbord of food.

13. The excitement of seeing the quad cats.

JMU is turning us all into crazy cat ladies and we certainly do love it.

14. Wondering why Neumann Lake is suddenly an unnatural color.

Last time I checked, lakes weren’t supposed to be bright turquoise right?

15. Ordering Chanello’s at 2 a.m. on a Friday night.

Everyone knows that cheesy bread and mozz sticks taste better when ordered after a couple drinks.

16. Remembering that we now have Krispy Kreme.

Because there was only one thing that could make JMU better: donuts!


Which GIFs that describe the life of a student at James Madison University?
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