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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What It’s Like Being A Student At Northeastern University

If you’re a student at Northeastern University, you know you’re at a great university. However, it can be challenging, especially during finals week. Keep reading for 10 GIFs that accurately describe what it’s like to be a student at Northeastern University. They’re sure to be relatable!

1. When you’re on co-op.

2. When you can spot a freshman a mile away because they’re like this.


3. When you’re tired of waiting in Rebecca’s.

4. When you finish the semester early and all your friends are still at school.

5. When you’re paying for groceries in Wallastons.

6. What you tell your parents when you don’t want to talk to them.


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7. When you come back from a day on co-op.

8. When you pass a class that you thought you were gonna fail.

9. When you go to Marino after a long time.

10. When Snell is full.

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