10 GIFs That Accurately Describe What Its Actually Like To Be A Student At Texas State University

College students know the constant struggles we all face: crippling debt, need to always sleep, and the inevitable procrastination. However, there are a few specifics that only a student at Texas State University will understand – and what better way to explain a Texas State life than with GIFs.

10. When the professors play music in 8am classes to get everyone “pumped up”.

9.  Thinking you will actually study with your friends on the 4th floor of Alkek.

8.  But you actually just talk with your friends until it is time to leave.

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7.  The answer you give to the PACE advisors freshman year.

Let’s be honest, does anyone actually know what they are doing with the rest of their lives freshman year.

6.  As soon as the weather gets above 70 degrees, Sewell is the place to be.

5.  The moment any student sees a dog, cat, squirrel, etc…

4.  TXST students’ reaction to “Isn’t Texas State a party school?”

We all get asked it whether you actually party or not. All schools are party schools. Get over it!

3.  Using the Quad to get to your class quickly.

Things are flying everywhere but you paid for a class you ARE NOT going to miss, no matter how many flyer are thrown your way!

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2.  When the Wi-Fi goes out just when you need it the most.

Sometimes the Wi-Fi works, but usually when you need it the most it stops.

1.  Walking the Alkek stairs.

There are stairs everywhere but the Alkek stairs tend to be the worst!

What are your favorite GIFs that accurately describe what it’s actually like to be a student at Texas State University? Share in the comments below!
Featured image source: pinterest.com
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