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10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Midterms At SDSU

10 GIFs That Accurately Describe Midterms At SDSU


The dreaded midterms!  Going to school at San Diego State University seems at most times to be all fun and games, until you’re hit with the tests which will constitute 30% of your grade.  Midterm Szn is among us, and here are 10 GIFs that accurately describe midterms at SDSU.

1. Initially thinking midterms are worlds away.

Midterm, what’s that?  That word isn’t even in your vocabulary…but wine definitely is.


2. Then the teacher mentions the midterm is next week.

Class ends and as you’re packing up to leave your teacher asks to the class, “and what color scantron are we using on Tuesday?”  It begins to register that the midterm is a little sooner than you were thinking.



3. You’re chillin though.

There’s probably a quizlet out there ya know, there has to be.  At this point you’re not worried and continue on with your usual shenanigans.

4. Panic slowly sets in.

You’ve searched quizlet, coursehero, and the super secret test bank for your sorority and nothing!  It’s starting to look like you might have to face this on your own.


5. Regret rises.

All those days you chose to stay home watching Parks and Rec instead of going to class are becoming regretful decisions now that you have no notes.  Somebody has to though…


6. An angel comes through.

“Hey guys, I put together a study guide with some of my notes.  Feel free to add whatever’s missing.”  An angel has fallen from heaven and to your rescue, things are looking up.



7. Distraction becomes inevitable.

Now that you have the study guide, you find every possible way to distract yourself from actually studying.  Trying to master patting your head while rubbing your stomach seemed a lot more fun than looking over the study guide.

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8. Crunch Time

It’s the morning of the test and you have two hours to memorize everything.  You hold back tears as your eyes glaze over your computer scree.  Photographic memory where you at?

9. We’re All In This Together

You sit down in class, ready to face your demise, and look over at the person next to you with the same look.  A sudden feeling of comfort washes over you as you realize everyone is simultaneously waving goodbye to their grade.  Once separate beings have become one.


10. Party Time!

What’s done is done, and now it’s time to celebrate!  There’s no going back so you figure you might as well accept your fate and go reward yourself for all your hard work.

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